Things that KILL …..

October 29, 2010 |


If you don’t believe me, just take a spin through some of Baltimore’s drug infested communities. Better yet, don’t. But, if you did drive through those areas, you would see some of the most depressing sights – homelessness, panhandling, prostitution, blue lights flickering atop the light poles. You get the picture, right?

A drug user injects heroin in the Russian town of Tver, some 170 km (106 miles) northwest of Moscow, October 3, 2010. Russia is the world's largest per capita heroin consumer with an estimated 30,000 people dying of abuse annually. REUTERS/Diana Markosian (RUSSIA - Tags: SOCIETY HEALTH)

Heroin usage has a grip on this city. Once you get a “taste,” you’re likely hooked on the “girl.” For every rehabilitated soul, there are a few bodies ending up in the ground far earlier than life plans. It’s hard to admit that a substantial portion of THE WIRE is quite realistic. After all, it’s a disturbing reflection of our city. It is what it is …..