Things that KILL …..

October 29, 2010 |



I’m not making any excuses for Derek Holland or Mark Lowe. Their performances, last night, were simply awful. There is no defending their inabilities to maintain control in crucial, tight circumstances.

That said, homeplate umpire, Sam Holbrook, really squeezed Holland on a few pitches. These tight strike zones, which ultimately consist of the knees to the stomach are killing the integrity of the game. Either get the strike zone right or start firing guys.

Major Leage Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig (L) talks to umpires Tim Welke (C) and Tom Hallion prior to a press conference where he announced that game 5 of the World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays will be postponed until a later date, after calling a rain delay in the sixth inning, at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on October 27, 2008. (UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

I’d like to think officiating is better in the NFL, but it’s not. Yesterday, NFL boss, Roger Goodell, held a conference call with the league’s officials. He implored them to pay sharper attention and improve their overall performance. What happens if the same conflicted results occur, each week?

Look, I’m not a guy who hangs wins and losses against officiating. But, umpires and referees need to start applying the rules more appropriately, period.