Three For Thursday

January 31, 2008 |

1.  If reports are true that Peter Angelos didn’t kill the Erik Bedard to Seattle trade, then who did?  And why?  It couldn’t possibly be Andy MacPhail, could it?  Why would he work so hard over the course of the last two months to assemble what he believed to be the best possible deal, only to hit the “pause” button when it was being reported as a completed trade?  MacPhail is quoted as saying “No” in today’s Baltimore Sun when asked point blank whether PA squashed the trade with Seattle.  Is he just playing the loyal soldier role here?  Is he biting his tongue in exasperation because now he’s figured out that PA lied to him about complete autonomy over baseball operations when he was hired?  Is he really telling the truth?

One thing is certain as we watch this debacle play out: The more things change under this current Reign Of Error with our beloved Birds, the more they stay the same.

I know one person who didn’t kill this trade: Mike Flanagan.  Has anyone seen or heard from Flanny in the past seven months?  Is he alive?  If so, does he go to “work” each day?  What does he do while he’s there?

Once again, I’m going to openly campaign for Flanny’s job (if he’s ever relieved of his duties, that is).  Anyone reading this at the Warehouse can reach me via email at and I’ll send over my resume.  Thank you in advance.

2.  Solid win for Maryland last night.  It’s encouraging to see Hayes, Vasquez and even Milbourne making threes.  I have to believe the Terps will see a lot more zone defenses as this ACC season continues.  It’s still the best defense against them, until the backcourt demonstrates more consistency from behind the three-point line. 

But Maryland may actually have the league’s premier frontcourt, especially now that Gist is more prominently involved in the half-court offense and Boom Osby is making his free throws.

Saturday’s game at noon at Georgia Tech should be fun.  If you haven’t seen Matt Causey play yet, you need to check this game out (while tuned in to Such On Sports, of course!).  Causey can flat out play, and he’s absolutely fearless about shooting from anywhere on the court at anytime.  Should be fun.  But I think Maryland has a little more depth than the Yellow Jackets and ekes out a close one on Tobacco Road to get to 4-3 in the conference.

3.  Plaxico Burress claims the Giants win the Supe 23-17.  Uh, sure, Plax.  The highest scoring team in NFL history will score 17?  For the entire game?

You just signed the Giants’ death warrant, Plax.  New England will now score 17 each quarter just to drive home the point. 

Patriots 68,  Giants 20.