Tuesday Trend Report

February 28, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

In the world of sports where fortunes can turn on a dime and legends rise and fall without warning, relevance, longevity and success can be a week-by-week proposition. Here’s a quick look at who’s balling and who’s falling this week in the sports world.

Ballers – Five on the Rise

The Miami Heat


Get your shots in while you can as barring a trade deadline shakeup somewhere, it looks like the best bet to derail the Heat and prevent them from an NBA title this season would be the Heat themselves. Lebron James is having one of the 10 or so best seasons in the history of basketball…period…and his team is winning at an incredible clip as it happens.


The Heat have set the bar for themselves awfully high and they’ll have to hoist multiple championships (not one, not two…) to ultimately put the bashers to bed, but for now, without much attention or fanfare, the Heat are clicking. They’re still young enough to be beneficiaries of the work rate the schedule this season mandates, and with significant shifts in the talent landscape coming soon to an NBA city near you, it’s anyone’s guess how much longer they can expect to look this much better than everyone else. For now though it looks like the Heat’s trophy to lose.




Robert Griffin III


Griffin’s rise to fame and prominence has been meteoric. The closer everyone seems to scrutinize every aspect of Griffin’s potential, the more his stock seems to rise. Griffin went to the scouting combine in Indianapolis and put to rest any notion that he’d be anything but the number two pick overall in this year’s draft, and as a result has greatly increased the leverage of the St. Louis Rams, who possess the second pick but are already invested in their own quarterback of the future in Sam Bradford.


After the way the Griffin performed (and measured) at the combine, one has to wonder what if anything he could have done to overtake Andrew Luck as the likely top pick. This despite relative anonymity to begin this season and a string of tough luck Big-12 quarterbacks in recent NFL drafts. He did after all introduce the world to the TD-to-incompletion ratio as opposed to the TD-to-interception ratio, and has star power seemingly pouring out of him.