Tuesday Trend Report

February 28, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson


Fallers – Five on the Slide



Romeo Crennel


Crennel resurrected the Chiefs and his career to some degree in the wake of the Todd Haley experiment in Kansas City and as a result maintains the helm going forward. Over the weekend at the combine Crennel was compelled to give opinions on Peyton Manning and Chad Henne and happily obliged, but may now face tampering charges as a result. Not a great start for his new campaign. What’s more is that Haley left the Chiefs while spewing allegations of guarded practices, closed shades mandates and surveillance devices throughout the KC facility. If true, Crennel should be more used than most to guarding what he says and who might hear it.




The Baylor Bears


The ascendance of the Baylor basketball team, on the heels of RGIII mania seemed like a storybook tale. Like most storybook tales, it seems it might have been too good to be true. And in fairness, the Bears basketball team has been relevant for years now, and only appears to be cresting on the heels of the football team’s success. Still, lately the Bears have been in freefall, and even a smashing win over Texas Tech on Monday night won’t erase the doubt and disappointment that lingers over the last couple of weeks for the Bears. The good news is that it’d be all but impossible for Baylor to play themselves out of the tournament field in what remains of this season, the bad news is that they’re running out of chances to find their rhythm again.



Old School Rivalries


There will likely be many unforeseen victims to come in the shifting landscapes of college athletics, but throughout the nation this year we’re seeing games billed as the last chapters in long standing rivalries as teams defect from conference to conference and shift alliances. While it is worth mentioning that most of the long standing rivalries began long before participants found themselves in the same athletic conference, and could be continued as out of conference rivalry games as other schools all over the country still do, hurt feelings and politics likely have rivals split through conference relocation to have a tough time doing business in the near future, or at least that’s what the hyperbole would suggest.