Two words to decribe Roger Clemens: Crash and Burn

January 09, 2008 |

While there isn’t much that can be said that after all the hoopla that has escalated from this carnival act which involves Roger Clemens, we do have one more huge event to witness in the saga of one of baseball’s
most notorious yet accomplished figures: Roger Clemens vs
The United States Congress.

I as a baseball fan am curious to see what happens on February 13th, when Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and Brian McNamee are all in the same hearing room together. Will there be a peaceful meeting
between McNamee and Clemens? Probably not. Will Roger Clemens call
longtime friend Andy Pettitte “a liar” if Andy mentions that Roger used PED’s (performance enhancing drugs)? Absolutely. Will Roger Clemens answer angrily to the questions Congress asks him, much like what
happened in the press conference he held this past Monday in front of
many national sports writers? That could be the part worth watching!

Roger Clemens, as of right now, is in “crash and burn” mode. He
started “the ignition” when he went on his own official website and stated that he never used PED’s. Then, he
started “crashing” into many public obstacles. First came the infamous
phone call with Brian McNamee, then the 60 Minutes interview with Mike
Wallace, and the final “crash” being the press conference he held with the national sports writers on Monday. Now, we have to wait for this
“news car” to blow up and “burn” in front of Congress. The “burn” will definitely not be a pretty one to say the least. Confidential stories will
be exposed, friendships will end, and a legacy as we know it, may forever be tarnished.

The way I see it, it couldn’t happen to a better guy. Let’s face it, who out there (unless you’re a Yankees fan in denial of this whole story)
really likes this guy? He’s 45 years old yet demands $20 million for half a year. He had pretty much screwed his hometown of Houston out of
millions of dollars that could’ve been used to help better their ballclub.
He has a tenacity to chuck balls (and bats) at opposing players with no care in the world whatsoever, if you go back and watch the games from
2000 when the Yankees faced the Mets, did it look like Roger had any concern for Mike Piazza’s well-being when Roger plunked Mike in the head with a 95+ mph fastball? But let’s not forget the racist remarks he made about the Asian fans, whose devotion to the game of baseball was outstanding during the 2006 World Baseball Classic, as quoted by
Roger, “the dry cleaners were not open, they were all at the game”.
When you think about it, Roger had this coming to him. I hope Roger
is exposed for the fraudulent jerk he truly is and I can’t wait to see how
tough the Rocket gets when he goes from talking to the sports media
to talking to the Congress of these United States.

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– JH