Unworthy Hall Of Famers …..

March 10, 2009 |

Last night, I was surfing through the channels and trying to find something to contain my limited attention span.  Suddenly, I came across a guy who looked exactly like Floyd Rayford – dressed in a fluorescent yellow suit and dancing around with a giant parrot on his arm. 

Whoa !!!!  I remember him ….. that’s Koko B. Ware.  But, more importantly, I was wondering why I was tuned into professional wrestling and it’s Monday night programming.  I haven’t watched wrestling in years – probably since Koko B. Ware was actively rasslin’. 

So, I’ll admit it intrigued me and I watched the orchestrated antics for a few moments.  To my surprise, Koko B. Ware wasn’t  wrestling – it was just an ad promoting his induction into the “WWE Hall of Fame.”  Are you kidding me ???  Koko B. Ware ??? 

He was a scrub, right?  Heck, he customarily lost more contests than the Orioles, on a yearly basis.  How does a perennial doormat like Koko B. Ware make it into ANY Hall Of Fame? 

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t watch pro wrestling, anymore.  But, tripping across Koko B. Ware inspired me to consider if other “lesser talented” individuals are in Major League Baseball’s Hall Of Fame. 

I suppose the other major sports (NFL, NBA, NHL) have debatable lists, as well.  However, football, basketball and hockey have really changed so much, over the course of their respective histories.  In fact, the NFL Hall Of Fame is divided into Pre & Modern Eras.  Thus, these prospective lists would be very subjective. 

As for baseball, it seems to be the sport that has changed the least, since it’s beginning.  So, I’ve leafed through the volumes of names.  Admittedly, I’ve weighed offensive statistics pretty heavily.  For me, being a great hitter is essential to Hall Of Fame consideration. 

Here’s my list of players who shouldn’t be in Major League Baseball’s Hall Of Fame…..

Major League Baseball


Gary Carter – (19 yrs) .262 avg, 2092 hits, 324 hr, 0 MVP

Ozzie Smith – (19 yrs) .262 avg, 2460 hits, 580 sb, 0 MVP

Ryne Sandberg – (16 yrs) .285 avg, 2386 hits, 282 hr, 1 MVP

Jim Bunning – (17 yrs) 224-184 W/L, 3.27 era, 2855 k, 0 MVP

Orlando Cepeda – (17 yrs) .297 avg, 2351 hits, 379 hr, 1 MVP

Phil Rizzuto – (13 yrs) .273 avg, 1588 hits, 149 sb, 1 MVP

Tony Perez – (23 yrs) .279 avg, 2732 hits, 379 hr, 0 MVP 

Do you have a list?  Am I missing anyone ….