US Open = Easy Money

June 17, 2009 | Thyrl Nelson

For those who aren’t aware, and apparently there are a lot of you, there is free money to be had right here on, in 3 easy to play fantasy games. has $2500 in cash on the line in each of 3 fantasy games, and although all 3 are several weeks into the competition already, the money is going to the highest single week score, so there’s still a great chance to stake your claim.


The US Open begins tomorrow, and right now there are less than 100 people playing in WNST’s Fantasy Golf game.


I play fantasy games all over the internet, and often painstakingly manage teams in futility, as the national sites with hundreds of thousands of players, hardly offer much of a realistic opportunity to win. Here at on the other hand, the outlook is quite the opposite.


If you go to the fantasy golf page today, and select 10 golfers that you think have a realistic shot at finishing in the top 10, you’re all set. What’s more, if you get just 6 out of 10 correct, or even 5 out of 10, with a few finishers in their exact positions on the leaderboard, and you’ll be in first place, based on today’s standings, and positioned to walk away with $1250 in cash. It’s really that simple.


Second place pays $750 and third pays $500. And all are based on the top single week score.


If you elect to change your lineup every week after that, more power to you. If not, it’ll remain the same for the rest of the season, and you’ll still have an entry in every week, and a chance at the cash, all for doing 5 minutes worth of work.


Baseball and NASCAR are just as easy, and just as lucrative too, although the pool of contestants there are slightly deeper. Once you register though, your ID and password are good for all 3 WNST Fantasy games, plus football in the fall, and any of the other WNST Fantasy games forthcoming.


For now though, focus on golf. The contestant pool is the smallest, and you only have until tomorrow morning to get entered for the US Open. What exactly are you waiting for?


Click Here To Enter WNST Fantasy Golf


I’m looking for help with my scorecard too, so if you have a suggestion, write it here, or give me a call between 6-8 tonight.


Good Luck