We’re here to talk about the present, A-Rod

February 17, 2009 |

A-Rod is a liar. He lied again today.

Mark McGwire looked like a jerk back in 2005 when he said, “I’m not here to talk about the past.” I hope anyone caught juicing from here on says the same thing.

The Ravens said they are going to franchise Terrell Suggs if he doesn’t sign by Thursday. That’s the right move. T-Sizzle is the future of this Ravens’ defense.

It’s beginning to look more and more like Ray Lewis isn’t going to be a Raven next year. That’s just a gut feeling. Most fans that I am hearing from are fine with that.

Maryland has only beaten one ranked team this year and that was back in November. Four out of the Terps’ last six games are against top-13 teams. If the Terps don’t make the NCAA tournament this year, that will be four out of the last five years out of the big dance. We expect more out of a Gary Williams-coached team.

I know the Orioles probably aren’t going to have a winning season, but I am anxious to see what they are going to bring to the table. The Orioles need arms. Too many guys coming off of injuries, and the club didn’t do much to address the need during the offseason. I’m rooting for them, but I’m thinking that there is going to be another September pitching meltdown.

Casey asked the stupid question on our WNST Saturday show facebook page “3rd and Goal.” Who was better – Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels? You have no idea how stupid that question is. Check out what I had to say and rant for yourself, just click here to respond.

My non-sports thought of the day – How come they don’t have Saturday morning cartoons on local television anymore? I would love to get up with my daughter on a Saturday morning, eat some cornflakes and watch some “Muppet Babies” or “The Littles”.