Your Monday Reality Check-What a gutless bunch in Beantown Sunday night

August 19, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Dempster laughably claimed after the game that he was “just trying to pitch (Rodriguez) inside” and Red Sox manager John Farrell claimed Dempster “had to establish his fastball” inside. Somehow both were able to make such comments with a straight face, with Farrell even going on to say “I don’t think he did” when asked if Dempster had thrown at A-Rod intentionally.

A rotten lot indeed. Not that admitting his guilt after the game would have suddenly made Dempster less of a coward, but it certainly doesn’t help.

O’Nora’s decision to let Dempster stay in the game was laughable at best but likely more along the lines of cowardly and gutless. O’Nora knew as well as anyone else that Rodriguez was plunked intentionally, and should have used his better discretion even if he had any amount of remote doubt. In June, Hunter Wendelstedt had every right to kick Jason Hammel out of a game for hitting Matt Tuiasosopo, an act that didn’t appear to be even as obvious as Dempster’s bean ball.

O’Nora wasn’t necessarily wrong to eject Girardi for his actions in arguing, but he absolutely should have had the strength to eject Dempster in the face of a hostile crowd.

Speaking of which, after A-Rod was plunked, the fans at Fenway Park decided to take to their feet to proclaim joy towards the “baseball justice” displayed by their team. Nevermind the fact that a struggling hitter was put on base via an act so vile that if it happened outside of baseball it would be grounds for prosecution, Red Sox fans needed to make sure to show you how classless they were capable of being.

Of course, should a Yankees pitcher have chosen to make a “statement” by plunking David Ortiz because he once reportedly tested positive for steroids, I would imagine the crowd would have probably acted a bit differently.

Make no mistake. Everything about intentionally hitting a batter-be it in frustration, retaliation or in hopes to make a statement to someone who they don’t like-is absolutely gutless. For some reason, baseball players are protected from local and national laws about assault for reasons I will never fully understand.

But in the meantime, the people involved in such actions will NEVER deserve praise. They deserve to be shamed, punished and displayed for the gutless cowards they are.

The good news for Baltimore Orioles fans? On Sunday night, either the team currently leading the AL East decided that “baseball justice” was more important than winning games or a player took it upon himself to “go rogue” and put personal desires ahead of team goals. Either act reflects poorly on the team staying together as a focused unit with the goal in mind of winning the division.

Also on Sunday night, a group of baseball players, umpires and fans showed themselves to be incredibly gutless cowards. It will be interesting to see if Major League Baseball manages to avoid joining the group by making a significant statement with a severe punishment.

What a rotten lot they are.