Big weekend for mixed martial arts

May 31, 2008 |

This is a huge weekend for the sport of mixed martial arts. This is a weekend that if you are on the fence about mma, or have a half hearted interest, this could be the turning point.
First tonight in New Jersey is the debut of MMA on television, when Elite XC has its first ever card on CBS. This is going to be a huge event, the big hype around this card is for the first time a lot of the world will get to see Kimbo Slice. I am heading up to the show in a little while and am very excited about it. Also tonight you will see Gina Carano who people might recognize as Crush from the American Gladiators television show. Not only is Gina not bad to look at, but she can fight also. One of the other fights that I am looking forward to is Baltimore’s own and one of John Rallo’s prize students Binky Jones. Binky is an awesome fighter and even better person. I have had the privilege of taking classes with Binky at Ground Control and he  is very talented and can end a fight in a hurry on the ground.
Sunday night make sure you turn on Versus network at 9 p.m. to watch what might go down as one of the greatest fights in mixed martial arts history when the WEC featherweight title will be on the line when Jens Lil Evil Pulver takes on the champion The California Kid Urijah Faber. Urijah was on with Rob and John Rallo this past Thursday to talk about the fight. This fight would headline any MMA pay per view in the world, but it is free as long as you have Versus. Faber versus Pulver has been a fight that fans, media, other fighters, and everyone else has been hoping to see for a long time. These are two guys that are going to be in attack mode from the opening bell. I will bet you that if you watch this fight, you will be an awe of it. I will be in front of my television with a nice beverage and something to eat, because this will be must see television.
So a big weekend for the MMA sports world coming up. I am not sure as to what the access will be at the Elite XC show tonight in New Jersey, but hope to have some pictures and audio from the event later this week. I will also be doing a blog once I get to the Prudential Center this afternoon.