Erik Bedard sort of speaks to the media again and the Beast on the Rob Long Show

March 27, 2008 |

So the great English major Erik Bedard has struck again in Seattle. I have to admit, some sick side of me enjoys seeing every time someone in the national or Seattle media takes their shots at him.  I use to laugh when people would say that we (the Baltimore media), were unfair to Erik and too critical of him.
The guy is very good pitcher, I will not use the word great as it relates to him just yet. Now he has the spotlight on him, and if he thought he was “unfairly” criticized in Baltimore, can’t wait to see what will happen every time he pitches for Seattle. A mutual media friend who covers the Mariners has told me that Bedard has quickly become disliked among the media and rubbed some Mariners people the wrong way….and they are not even out of spring training yet.
Good luck Erik, I will be waiting to see your great responses to every question. Something makes me think he will wish he had the Baltimore media to deal with again someday.
– Coming up this afternoon on the Rob Long Show, John Rallo from Ground Control will join Rob and have some updates as his battle to get MMA legalized in Maryland continues. Also joining them will be one of the legends of UFC as Dan “The Beast” Severn will be calling into the show today also. As well as possibly another surprise guest from the UFC.