From the Prudential Center in Newark,NJ

May 31, 2008 |

So I have arrived here at the Prudential Center and am about 15 feet from where the fights will be taking place tonight. It is pretty interesting now as they are rehearsing for Busta Rhymes who will come to the cage with Brett “Grim” Rogers which will be the first fight on television tonight. It is funny because there is a 40 something year old white guy walking down the ramp mouthing the words to a Busta Rhymes song.
Elite XC has a very nice set up here at the arena and it looks like it will come across well on television.  Frank Shamrock and Gus Johnson will call the fights on CBS. As I type right now, Gus Johnson is in the ring and practicing interviewing the fighters after the fights. Matt Serra and his fighter along with Binky Jones are in the ring getting a feel for the cage tonight.
I will be back with more as the event gets closer to beginning.