UFC 88 thoughts

September 06, 2008 |

I have not posted a UFC/MMA blog in a while, due to football season, but will make this a weekly blog on our website.
Tonight, UFC 88: Breakthrough is on pay per view and I am very excited about this card. Not only is every UFC pay per view a solid card, but tonight two of my favorite fighters in the UFC are on the same card. Chuck Liddell, and Rich Franklin are both fighting on this card. Here are my predictions for tonight’s fights:
Chuck Liddell vs Rasahad Evans: Chuck Liddell
Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill : Rich Franklin
Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palahares: Dan Henderson
Martin Kampmann vs Nate Marquart : Nate Marquart
Dong Kim vs Matt Brown : Dong Kim
Chuck Liddell is one of most interesting fighters to watch because of his explosive knockout power. With one flick of the wrist, Chuck can end the night for an opponent quickly. People do not give Chuck enough credit for his wrestling ability, but he is a highly skilled wrestler. Plus, you have to respect a guy who has a mow hawk and tattoos on the side of his head. Tonight, I think Chuck frustrates Rashad enough to force him to make that one mistake that will cause Rashad to finish the night looking up at the lights.
Rich Franklin is a very well rounded mixed martial arts fighter. Rich took two devastating losses to Anderson Silva who is one of the best in the world of mixed martial arts. Rich can adapt to what ever style he needs to for the fight and has explosive knockout power as well. Matt Hamill is a very solid wrestler and will try and take Rich to the ground, but better be on top of his game once he gets to the ground, because Franklin will make him pay for it if he is not.
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Hope to hear your feedback and thoughts on tonight’s fights, and or anything else in the world of mixed martial arts.