My final 12 in the NASCAR ‘Chase’…

September 10, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So we’re hosting a nifty little NASCAR contest here at WNST, as we’re asking all of you to predict the final 12 (in order) of the NEXTEL Cup.  Somewhere over to the right of this blog is the link – click it and you’ll get the opportunity to predict the order and win some great prizes.  You can also register to win a Toyota Tundra.  How much better can a contest be, huh?

Anyway, here’s how they’re gonna finish when the dust settles in 10 weeks.

1.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  (Wait, he didn’t make the final 12?  How is that possible, I thought he was the “face of NASCAR”?  That would be like Tiger not making the TOUR Championship in golf.  Earnhardt, Jr. = over-rated…make that RICH and over-rated).

OK, now to the real list:

12.  Clint Bowyer – I didn’t even know this guy was in the running.  What happened, did he win some kind of fan contest or something?

11.  Jeff Burton –  Just filling up space.

10.  Martin Truex, Jr. – see above (11).

9.  Denny Hamlin – nice year for him, could win a race in the final 10.

8.  Kyle Busch – another guy who could win a race and tighten things up a bit.

7.  Kevin Harvick –  I think he makes a fairly big jump, moving from 11 to 7.

6.  Kurt Busch –  could be a factor down the stretch.

5.  Carl Edwards – what happened to him in Richmond?  Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

4.  Matt Kenseth – he’ll be a threat the whole way through, you can bet on that.

3.  Jeff Gordon –  he’s my favorite driver, so I’d love to see him win – but it’s not gonna happen.

2.  Tony Stewart – I’d actually LOVE to see him win, just to rankle all the anti-Stewart folks out there, but he’ll be in the
hunt until the very end before falling to…

1.  Jimmie Johnson –  he’s the man.  Best car, best crew, best driver.  “Winner-winner, chicken-dinner.”

So go ahead and fill out your 1-12 at !