Bulls/Celtics: Great First Round Series

April 21, 2009 |

I know if your a Celtic Fan your drinking your “bee at the  Ba ” whining about Garnett being injured. Well, if your just a fan of good NBA basketball, the result of  that injury is making for an all time great first round series. In the first game, the Bulls won in OT as Derrick Rose tied Kareem’s 39-year-old NBA playoff record with 36 points in a rookie playoff debut, he also had 11 assists and was 12 for 12 at the free throw line. Ray Allen missed a shot at the buzzer that would of sent it to a second OT. In the second game, to illustrate how great the game was, Rajon Rondo scored a triple double with 19 points 16 assists and 11 rebounds and no one, but me, will lead off with that stat, because while its a great stat normally, it was dwarfed by these other two performances.  Ben Gordon took over for the Bull’s, scoring 42, Ray Allen after a 1 for 12 night, had a reversal of fortune from game one and scored 36. The excitement was how they scored those points. In the forth Quarter it was the 2 former UCONN players on opposite teams, Allen ’96 and Gordon ’04, that were trading buckets, like Wall Street Trading Duckets. It was a back and forth bucket bonanza, Allen and Gordon were rolling down court and draining bucket after bucket  and both teams were playing in your face “D” while they were making shot after shot. Allen and Gordon had at least one hand in their face with every point scored and with 10 seconds left Gordon sinks a breath taking foul line jumper to tie it at 115 while being double teamed. Unfortunately, with there no miss duel their was too much time left on the clock and Ray rolls down court and drills a 3 pointer with 2 seconds left. The problem for the Bulls was that because Derrick Rose is a rookie point guard, the coach Vinnie Del Negro used up his time outs for the second straight night, as a result the Bulls couldn’t advance the ball to mid-court and were forced to throw up prayer from beyond half court that was not answered. Even Though it was the Allen, Gordon show, both teams had 5 guys in double digits and of course the Rondo triple double. Get ready for game three, who knows who will step up for the next duel in Chicago.