Cinco de What?

May 05, 2010 | Tom Federline

Sports and politics, do not mix. Politics and anything, do not mix. Unless of course, you’re on “The Fix”. So what the heck is Steve Nash and the NBA “Phoenix” Suns trying to accomplish with the wearing of “Los” Suns on there jerseys tonight? Oh yeah, it’s the 5th of May, whoops, Cinco de Mayo and they want to “spotlight/protest the Arizona Immigration Law and honor the Latino community”. Well, guess what Phoenix Suns? The San Antonio Spurs just gained a whole new fan base. And the “Los” Suns just gained support from the 40% of illegal Mexican immigrants in Arizona. Hey, who is making out there? Now, if San Antonio changes their name to “Los” Spurs for the evening………I’d fair to guess that they would gain the support from 40% of illegal Mexican immigrants the city San Antonio is harboring. Note -all references to percentages are strictly guesses and exaggerated. Money has ruined Sports. Don’t add to the hurt with politics.

What is with this “Cinco de Mayo” celebration in the United States of America? Is it a reason to drink Tequila? Kinda like a reason to drink green beer on St.Pattys Day? Do you think they are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Arizona? Yeah, probably the 25% of legalized Mexican American citizens recognizing their heritage. Add the 40% of illegal Mexicans in the state and you have a party. You do not have to count the 25% of retired folks that don’t even care what day it is and the last 10% of AZ citizens standing in line for a “Los” Suns game or “Los” Diamondbacks game or better yet – tickets for the “Los” Cardinals. Shouldn’t they be in St. Louis?

I also read about a potential boycott of the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star game? Go ahead MLB, make another mistake. Wait a minute MLB, why don’t you hand out HGH to the illegal Mexicans and watch them continue to deceive the Federal government and flourish economically? It’s just all wrong, man.

Cinco? That is “Five” (5) in my book. I think of 5 fingers, 5 toes, a $5 bill – American money – Abe Lincoln is on it, the ultimate No. 5 – Brooks Robinson. Hands down, no “arguably” about it, THE greatest third basemen of all-time. Cinco? Uh-oh, how could I forget – Chad Ocho Cinco? Chad (85) Johnson – the dancing machine who is still hanging in there on Dancing With the Stars! Come on Mr. 34oz – your buddy Ocho Cinco is one of “cinco” dancing couples left in the competition. I know you’re on it. I believe they are going to dance to “Mambo No. 5” (cinco) – Lou Bega.

It is Wednesday, May Fifth (5th), 2011. Take your Cinco de whatever and Tequila and head to the border. The Orioles lost 7 to “cinco”. When are they going to fire Senor Trembley and his band of bandidos?
Props to the state of Arizona for taking a stand on an issue the United States Federal Government does not have the sense or guts to. The immigration laws need reforming. Bless Arizona for at least doing something. Just keep the politics out of Sports!

Cinco? By the way, what is Joe Flacco’s number? Terrell Suggs?