Dallas vs Denver; no foul

May 11, 2009 |

What is all the whining over the no call at the end of the Mavericks/Nuggets game 3.  Antoine Wright needed to foul Carmelo before he got near the three point line; its that simple. The refs admitted they blew the call, but it would have been a continuation call if the refs did blow the whistle. Carmelo Anthony was making his move to shoot the three when Antoine tapped him. That’s why Antoine lifted his arms up so fast, as if to show that he wasn’t fouling, while Melo was in the act of shooting the ball. Plain and simple;  both teams had a strategy: Dallas wanted to foul with as few seconds on the clock as possible, so the next in bounds pass would hopefully be a turn and shoot.  Denver wanted to work the ball to their best player and take a quality shot. Denver’s plan was executed better and they won.