Don’t sell yourself short, Kevin Durant, you’re also a MVP

May 08, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Don’t sell yourself short, Kevin Durant, you’re also a MVP

If you haven’t seen the Kevin Durant video yet, this is going to be your chance.

It’s been the talk of the sports world for the last couple of days and with good reason.

I should have written about it yesterday, but I instead opted to chronicle the life and times of the Orioles’ closer, “Load ‘Em Tommy Hunter”.

Today, I’m writing about Kevin Durant.

There won’t be a better ten minutes in sports in 2014 than THIS RIGHT HERE. 

Tony Durant, Kevin’s big brother, played at Towson University for a couple of seasons after transferring from a Kansas community college.  I made the trip to Philadelphia with the Tigers in one of those campaigns as Pat Kennedy’s team took on Villanova and had the chance to chat with Durant on the trip up I-95.

I remember very vividly Tony Durant saying: “My little brother is gonna be one helluva player in the NBA.”

Turns out, Tony was wrong.

Kevin Durant isn’t “one helluva player”.  He’s a future NBA Hall of Famer.

Sports needs more KD’s.  It needs more players willing to give credit to their teammates when something is accomplished.

I’ll show this clip to my Calvert Hall golfers and give them a chance to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears what it’s like to truly be a champion.

Just a remarkable, remarkable day for Kevin Durant.


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  1. lakerboy Says:

    I don’t really follow the NBA since we have no team in Baltimore, and I’m kind of provincial in my rootig interest. Consequently, I was kind of surprised to learn about Kevin Durant (the man), rather then Kevin Durant the NBA jock. I was much impressed to learn that he opened up his wallet to the tune of 1 million dollars for Oklahoma tornado relief, and that’s not just a token donation, that’s substantive. When you hear about all the bad stories about pro athletes, it’s gratifying to learn there are still class acts around like Kevin Durant.

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