Flip Saunders; A “Wizard” of a Head Coach

April 23, 2009 |

Well, that’s a start. If anybody can take a rag tag team and turn then into a defensive contender, it’s Flip. He signed a 4 year/18 million dollar contract with the Washington Wizards and that’s fair market value for both parties. The first thing they should do is “waterboard” the physical trainer, not for information, for the horrible job he’s done keeping player’s from injuries. The only guy who’s more in need of a good “waterboarding” would be Ken Griffey Jr’s Physical Trainer. Anyway, Flip’s defensive strategy will help the Wizards imediately, and I bet he will have learned from his offensive failures and create something special there as well. We have a lot of scoring power and with a strong defensive presence we could get right back in the playoffs next year. Caron, Gilbert, Mcguire, and Jamison will be a great nucleus, if Flip can create chemistry through defense.  He took the Piston’s to the eastern conference finals three years in a row. Right now, I’d dance around in only a tall purple pointy Wizards Hat if we could get to the conference finals. Hopefully your not eating while reading this.