Hall of Fame Debate

April 15, 2008 |

Today’s part two of the Hall of Fame debate. Today, we discuss the NBA.

Now, I’m sure, for many of you, your NBA days ends with either Larry Bird and Magic Johnson or even Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. However, the NBA is still going pretty strong.

If you look at attendance and NBA Pass (the pay-per-view tv package), the Association still appears to be pretty popular.

Yesterday, we did the 15 current MLB players who were already Hall worthy and five players who weren’t in.

Today, we’ll do 12 NBA players who are in and six who aren’t quite in. Read the list and let the debate begin.

– Kobe Bryant – The best player in the game today. He has the three NBA titles and the scoring average to prove it. While everyone’s looking for the next Jordan, don’t miss out on the first Kobe.

– Allen Iverson – While in Philadelphia, he was a one man show. The best little man in the game, maybe in NBA history.

– Shaquille O’Neal – The last of the “True” big men. Everywhere he goes, he wins titles. No argument, the most dominant player of his generation.

– Tim Duncan – The Quiet Storm. No one talks about Duncan, including Duncan. He continues to win titles and play the game the way it should be played.

– Steve Nash – He and Duncan are the only players on this list with back to back MVP honors. Arguably, the best point guard in the game.

– Kevin Garnett – He’s a guard in a center’s body. KG can do everything. Blessed with the ability to dominate, but not with the ego.

– Jason Kidd – If Nash isn’t the best point guard in the game, then it’s Kidd. Took New Jersey to new heights. Has the ability to make EVERYONE around him better. Kidd is a walking triple-double.

– LeBron James – Some of you may think he hasn’t accomplished enough to be on this list now. It would be a shame if he never played another game, but he would go into the Hall if he didn’t. No one has possessed his skills since Oscar Robertson.

– Vince Carter – Half man, half amazing. He puts up all of the numbers and has carved out his own place in NBA history.

– Tracy McGrady – A truly gifted player. If you listed the top five players in the NBA, he would appear. Injuries have hurt his career number, but he’s better than Carter.

– Dirk Nowitzki – Is second only to KG in terms of pure talented big men. His game is complete and he has carried his team at times. One of the best shooters in the game.

– Tony Parker – Come on, he’s the straw that stirs the best team in this era. Duncan can’t go in alone. He certainly didn’t do it alone, he did it with Parker. Different from Kidd and Nash, but one of the best ball distributors in the game.

Not Quite The Hall

– Alonzo Mourning – Did not have a great impact on the game. He’s a solid player, but not great. His numbers don’t “wow” you either.

– Rasheed Wallace – He gets a lot of hype, but doesn’t fit the caliber of current Hall players. He’s not a great big man and not in the class of Nowitzki or KG.

– Ray Allen – Again, that word “impact.” He’s a very good player, but he doesn’t have a place in the Hall.

– Sam Cassell – He’s won titles and is a very good player, but too many point guards are better than Cassell. He’s a “hired gun,” but not a franchise player.

– Dwyane Wade – Injuries have hurt this player. He started out rivaling King James, but has fallen off quickly. Needs to have a strong four year run to get over the hump.

– Grant Hill – He made this list because he has Hall of Fame talent. He could have been one of the best players of his era. He fell off because of injuries, and it may be too late for him to get back in.

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