If Vince McMahon ran the NBA, LeBron would go back to Cleveland

June 25, 2014 | Drew Forrester

This and That…

> It would be kind of cool to see LeBron go back to Cleveland.  I know the folks in Miami wouldn’t like it, but then again, they probably wouldn’t care all that much.  I mean, it’s Miami…South Beach…are you going to let the dissolving basketball franchise ruin your day?  Right.  Of course not.  Anyway, LeBron going back to the Cavaliers would be very wrestling-like, but interesting nonetheless.  He was the babyface, crowd pleaser when he started his career, turned heel and arena bad boy when he turned his nose on the Cavs and bolted to South Florida, and would be the ultimate “hometown boy comes back to lead us to the promised land story” if he chooses Cleveland.  I’d like to see it.

>  Here’s how you fix Luis Suarez, since other league and FIFA punishments evidently HAVEN’T worked over the last few years when he was found guilty of biting an opponent.  You fix him by simply banning him from the remainder of this World Cup and then the next World Cup as well.  That’s it.  Done for the remainder of this tournament and the next one, too.  He can play in the qualifiers, help Uruguay reach the 2018 event, etc., but when the ball gets kicked off in Russia in 2018, he can’t represent his country in that World Cup.  If he still wants to bite people after that, then he wins.

>  Speaking of future World Cups, the 2022 edition will be right here in this country once the powers-that-be officially tell the good people in Qatar “thanks-but-no-thanks”.  Baltimore won’t get any games, but D.C. most certainly will, as will New York/N.J., so we’ll be able to get to some games like we did back in ’94.  Look for Seattle to replace Detroit this time around as a hosting city.

>  I watched Tiger hit a bunch of shots via TV highlights yesterday and he sure looks good to me.  I heard his interview where he bemoaned the fact that he’s “rusty” and just wants to get back into the swing of things, but I don’t buy that for one second.  If Tiger says publicly “I just started hitting full shots last week”, that’s code word for “I’ve been practicing for a month without anyone knowing…”  I doubt that he wins this week, but don’t be surprised if he sniffs around over the weekend.  A leopard’s spots never go away…they just fade a little bit.

>  There’s no way the U.S. and Germany can or even would “pre-plan” a tie tomorrow, but I’d bet anything I own if the game is somehow deadlocked at the 60-minute mark that both teams will then apply the brakes and call it a day.  I’ll call Thursday’s big showdown a 1-1 draw.

>  Speaking of golf.  Next Monday at Country Club of Maryland, I’m hosting a tournament on behalf of the Calvert Hall Golf program.  The event itself is sold out, but in the spirit of our fund-raising efforts, I’m opening an “auction item” to the general public, with the proceeds going towards our “Fall retreat” that takes place next October when I take the team to Richmond, VA for a weekend of golf and fellowship.  Tomorrow morning in this space, we’ll do a four-hour “on-line auction” for the chance for you and two friends to play golf with me at some point in July.  I’m just letting you know now…get your auction fingers ready.  And your credit card.

> Oh, and one other golf note.  My 10th annual golf outing to benefit a local Baltimore charity will take place at Mountain Branch on Tuesday, October 7 at 1pm.  I’ll be bringing Towson basketball coach Pat Skerry in studio at some point soon to disclose this year’s charity recipient, but I’ll say at the very least it involves autism and Pat will be helping us put together a great event this coming October.  As most of you know who have played in my previous outings, we only donate money to Baltimore or Maryland charities.  I’m very excited to have Coach Skerry involved in this October’s tournament and hope you’ll make plans now to join us for what has become a great day of golf and friendship.