LeBron and Kobe Part 1; Destiny

April 22, 2009 |

The torch is being passed from Kobe to Lebron. Cleveland and L.A. will meet in the championship this year and the opener will be one of the highest rated games in NBA history. A Tsunami enveloping California is more likely than L.A. and Cleveland not getting to the finals.  To see the Mighty Pistons not even able to compete against the Cavs makes any NBA fan shed a tear. Even if your a Cavs fan your looking down on the canvas like an up and coming boxer telling the old champ to get up and make it fight. You want to take the crown, you’ve dreamt of taking the crown, but not like this, not like this.

L.A. has had a mission since last years finals, and nothing is getting in their way. They are like Muhammad Ali in his prime. The Lakers are choosing what round to knock you out in. Kobe is getting everyone involved even more than last year.  Just like Jordon use to, when Kobe passes you the ball to score, he does it in a way that makes you feel like you must score or deal with his wrath. Jordon mastered that feat, Kobe is doing it before our eyes. When the Cavs and the Lakers meet in the finals, I think Kobe will beat LeBron, but the consolation prize will be the torch that Kobe will pass to LeBron. I would not be surprised if they see each other again in 2010, before Lebron leaves for NYC.