Nuggets are synonymous with “D”?

April 23, 2009 |

Wow! A George Karl Nuggets team is playing “D.” The addition of Chauncy Billups was huge. His influence of a no nonsense, hard nose defense has spread like a goat nursing a baby tiger on you tube. The chemistry he’s created has Carmello playing at both ends of the court and Kenyon Martin contributing without complaining. In both games Chauncy distributed the pill, like a pharmacist at an old folks home, which allowed 5 players to get to double figures in both games. If he needs the bench to produce those double digits, fine, J.R. Smith rises off the pine to get 19 in the first contest (that 19 came with going 0-7 from three point land) and get 15 in the second game. They had ten different players grabbing rebounds. I hope they meet the Lakers, that will be the best match-up for the west. The Lakers will win, but the more we see of Chauncy the better.