Scott fired, Ellis booted, and LeBron’s ode to NY

November 13, 2009 |

The New Orleans Hornets fired head coach Byron Scott following their slow start to the season.  After going 3-6, Hornets GM Jim Bower has made the decision to remove Scott from his position and take over the coaching responsibilities with Tim Floyd becoming his main assistant coach.  Floyd a former NBA and college head coach was recently in the headlines as he was involved with attempting to breakup a fierce cat fight in a Las Vegas casino.  Bryon Scott was named the NBA’s Coach of the Year in 2008, making him the third of the last four coaches to win the award to then be fired.


The Golden State Warriors continue to remain atop the headlines as the NBA’s most dysfunctional franchise.  It began with Monta Ellis publicly announcing that he would never be able to play with the Warriors 1st round draft pick Stephen Curry.  Then Stephen Jackson made headlines when he demanded a trade from the team, followed by him trying to explain that he’s been misjudged throughout his NBA career.  Most recently, Monta Ellis and head coach Don Nelson had a heated argument which resulted in Ellis being kicked out of practice.  Apparently Ellis got angered as he accused Nelson of “blaming everything on me”.  Nelson was reported to have yelled at Ellis in front of the entire team for not being ready to start practice on time.


LeBron James headlines the most impressive free agent class the NBA has possibly ever seen with players such as Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Dirk Novitzki to name a few others that will be available this summer, but James doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.  James doesn’t want the focus to shift from his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers to his well publicized upcoming free agency.  While one can understand LeBron’s intentions, one couldn’t help to notice that LeBron had “New York” printed on the toes of his shoes he was wearing on Wednesday night’s nationally televised game against the Orlando Magic.  LeBron said that the “New York” written on his shoes was in honor of the Yankees for winning the World Series.  The Knicks are expected to make a big run at landing James this summer and the idea of James playing in the Big Apple would make a lot of sense for both the Knicks and James.