Slow Your Roll Monday on the MSB

March 05, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson


Washington Wizards


Please Wizards, we can see you improving and you really need to stop it. The draft is right around the corner and after stumbling to just 2 wins in the first 17 games of the season; you’ve now won 6 of the next 19 games. You’ve buried the Bobcats in the standings and are gaining on New Orleans fast. After that New Jersey, Detroit, Sacramento and Toronto could all be in reach, and before that happens you need to stop.


The lottery is going to be filled with Anthony Davis and a bunch of guys that you don’t need. This kid could easily be an All-Star for 10 years in the NBA and the falloff after him on draft day could be huge. You need him. Stop the winning and get all of the lottery balls you can Washington…slow your roll.