The Heat is Off

December 01, 2010 | Tom Federline

The Miami Heat is 10-8. Weren’t they supposed to be 18-0? Suggestion – you may want to turn the Heat on tomorrow night, TNT at 8:00 pm. The heat may already be on in many abodes in the city of Cleveland, but the heat that will be generated at the Quickens Loan Arena (formerly Gund Arena for us old schoolers), will be felt throughout the state of Ohio. Tomorrow night, LeBron James, returns to the scene of the crime. By no means am I an NBA fan. I cannot take any more than 5 minutes at a clip, even the playoffs. But if schedule permits, I am actually going to make it a point to catch “the opening act” and fan reaction to the Court Jester returning to his “home”.

Ever since that ESPN debacle back in July, with the airing of “The Decision”. I have to admit, I have been hoping “backfire” on the Heat and the Court Jester. It is pleasing to hear – “the Heat loses another one” during the morning re-caps. It is pleasing to hear – “there appears to be disarray amongst the players – there is no unison – the coach has no clout – the coach serves the players” – etc. etc. If it is pleasing for me to hear, I am sure there are joyous dances that are taking place in Cleveland. I usually do not give the NBA the time of day, but this moment deserves it. Die-hard Cleveland Cavalier fans have had this date circled since Juy 9th.

The Miami Heat have attempted to buy the NBA Championship with the acquisition of Chris Bosh and LeBron James added to Duane Wade. Thus creating the mega-basketball superstar “Big 3” trilogy . Well so far, the Big 3 can be considered, a big bust. Pleasing to the ear – isn’t it? NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL……I don’t care…..when somebody tries to monopolize the sport……..I want to hear, I want to see failure. Throw in this self proclaimed “King” Lebron James act, the “it’s all about me”, the “non-entertaining” one-on-one play of the NBA and my attention turns to opposition of the establishment. Bring down the big boys, disrupt the “good ole boys” clubs, cut the head of the snake off……….anything not to fuel the fire of the Heat.

So far, there is no “Rhythm of the Heat” – (Peter Gabriel) and I hope they never find it. The NBA is not worth your time, but it should be tomorrow night. It could be interesting……….. IF, the media doesn’t blow it. Unfortunately, they have already started with the over-hype. I wonder if all the ESPN affiliates will break from whatever “entertaining sports” they may have scheduled to watch someone towel off Lebrons sweat?

Just what is going to happen at the Gund Arena tomorrow night? If the crowd is hostile, will they keep it up throughout the game? Will the crowd just get through that initial surge and let bygones be bygones? Will the crowd cheer for their “traitor”? Will the owner ask Lebron up to his suite for buffet and drinks? Something tells me they be tightening up security from the airport, to the hotel, to the arena, within the arena and even surrounding the bench. All for one Court Jester and his abandoned fan base. Just isn’t right man, just isn’t right. Go Cavs!