Unlike the government (or the Steelers), the 15-7-0 cannot be shut down

September 30, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. Joe Vellano sacked Matt Ryan on national television Sunday night. I have no idea how Al Michaels missed the ever so important opportunity to jump out of the booth and yell “#HEATERP”!

Also from NBC, this image of Tom Brady.

Pretty solid trolling from Falcons fans.

For no reason in particular, Bob Kraft pulls up his pants. 

Oh look, now he’s hanging out with Floyd Mayweather because DAMNIT he can.

I hope that the Pats being 4-0 doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Tom Brady pissing away a football…

12. Elsewhere in college football, Boise State ran a fumblerooskie for a touchdown and TCU ran an onsides kick back for a touchdown. No one scored a touchdown on a “double reverse monkey’s butt”, but thanks for asking.

Here’s the Broncos’ trick…

And TCU’s return…

Apparently the Horned Frogs played SMU on the set of some sort of apparel commercial…

13. Dexter McCluster did something so awesome Sunday you almost didn’t giggle at the fact that his name is “McCluster”.

I had always thought the “McCluster” was the thing the guy did when he took all the McDonald’s sandwiches and put them together.

But apparently that’s actually called a “McIvegottogetaholdofmylife.”

Andy Reid is into tossing red flags very politely now.

The Giants are so bad that Eli Manning has just accepted the suck.

14. There’s a guy in San Diego who didn’t think Norv Turner deserved to be fired that feels AWFULLY lonely today.

Did you know Antonio Gates still plays football?

15. Perry Hall vanquished one enemy in Franklin Friday night, now if only they could eliminate our next enemy-Arcade Fire.

Love Perry Hall, don’t love the SNL premiere’s musical guest. Ugh.

Not an enemy? SNL host Tina Fey.

This was one of the better skits they’ve done in some time.

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