Unlike the government (or the Steelers), the 15-7-0 cannot be shut down

September 30, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven “not so positive” observations…

1. “Did you have a question about the Steelers losing? Hang on a second, I’m going to transfer you to our “international affairs” department”.

This headline is not from The Onion.

Ben Roethlisberger is the best, man.

I’ve never enjoyed watching Adrian Peterson do anything more.

Emmanuel Sanders doesn’t care much for your so-called “tackling”…

I assume we sent Gene Simmons to sing the National Anthem in London because we’re still not totally over the whole Revolutionary War thing…

2. Losing to Georgia wasn’t the fault of LSU’s offense, but I’d like to hope everyone on the Bayou just blames Cam Cameron anyway.

Sadly the best play of the game was mostly irrelevant.

Georgia basketball coach Mark Fox got all done up for the game.

Before the game, College Gameday was in Athens. For some reason I don’t care enough to investigate further, it involved Tom Rinaldi in jorts.

Elsewhere in the SEC, Alabama’s Eddie Jackson teaches you fear.

But if you didn’t get the lesson, here’s a followup from Nick Saban.

The biggest news of the weekend? Obvious.

Guyism recently put together a GIF of the important parts of her recent fast food commercial.

Further elsewhere in the SEC, Arkansas fans welcome Johnny Football. Or someone.

And Kentucky ran the most excellent fake field goal I’ve seen in some time.

3. Thinking about playing the lottery? Don’t forget to ask Matt Schaub for help choosing numbers. He knows all about a good “pick six”.

Straight killin’ it.

But otherwise things are just going great for Schaub in H-Town…

And some of Matt Schaub’s picks don’t go for touchdowns as much as they go OFF forty people before they land in someone’s hands.

Chris Clemons is a good hugger.

Here’s JJ Watt with a bloody mouth because I simply assume you’re into that kind of thing.

4. Speaking of mediocre quarterbacks, Bengals gonna Bengals.

How Andy Dalton doin’?

Tied for first place and Ravens have the best division record!

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