Four things you can count on: Death, taxes, the 15-7-0 and Jay Cutler getting hurt

October 21, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Ohio State made another stop on their “they’re obviously good but shouldn’t we be at least a little bit skeptical that they’re playing so many damn close games” world tour.

Not that I’m not willing to watch more of Carlos Hyde.

Or the Buckeyes’ band moonwalking.

Elsewhere in the Big 10, I kinda just want to watch this the rest of the day.

Your reaction, Michigan fan?

7. Which do you think will be the higher scoring game? This year’s Baylor/Texas Tech football game or this year’s first Baylor/Texas Tech basketball game?

So umm….Baylor is fun.

Elsewhere in the Big 12, Oklahoma got tricks. 

8. I gotta say, Rex Ryan is doing really well for a guy who was fired nine weeks ago.

Rob Gronkowski came back just in time for Tom Brady to not hit him with this throw.

Geno Smith did a thing where he didn’t do a thing.

Robert Kraft was so angry after the game he decided to downgrade from XXXXXXXL to XXXXXL cufflinks.

9. I know Kansas City is 7-0, it’s just harder for me to accept than the horrible news that Topanga got married over the weekend.

Alex Smith got a catch Sunday, thanks in part to Alex Smith’s helmet.

Houston played admirably with Case Keenum under center, but what the hell? How are they supposed to win when the Chiefs get to use imaginary players too?

This is Andy Reid…doing…something?

10. Notre Dame beat USC in a game that would have been viewed by more people but some of the Irish’s closest friends and family members just couldn’t pretend to care more about it than they did the Red Sox game.

The Trojans lost despite the fact that they knocked out like 13 Irish quarterbacks…

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