2010 All Combine Team

March 03, 2010 |

The 2010 NFL Scouting Combine is officially in the books.

The Combine was a chance for some players to change their draft stock and some made the most of the opportunity.  Guy’s like Bruce Campbell and Taylor Mays definitely made some money by showing their raw physical skills at the Combine. 

Here’s my 2010 All Combine Team:

QB: Sam Bradford, Oklahoma–  How can Bradford make the All Combine Team without even throwing?  The knock on Bradford was his height and weight.  Simply by measuring out at 6’4″, 236 lbs. was good enough to get him back in the discussion as the #1 pick.  His shoulder is still  healing, but at least he fits the mold of the prototypical NFL QB.  Bradford now looks like a lock to be the first QB drafted this year.

RB: Ryan Matthews, Fresno State-  Matthews just made sure he’ll be a first round pick.  He measured out well at 6’1″, 218 lbs., while running at 4.41 40 yard dash.  Matthews also showed very good hands catching the ball in the skills drills and looks like he could be very similar to Chicago’s Matt Forte.  I’m sure the Chargers are drooling over Matthews, but will he last that long now?

FB: Toby Gerhart, Stanford-  I know that currently Gerhart isn’t a FB, but I believe the change is inevitable at the NFL level.  Gerhart really showed his athleticism at the Combine by running 4.53 40 yard dash with a 38″ vertical leap.  With solid receiving hands and good size Gerhart solidified an early to mid round selection.

WR: Golden Tate, Notre Dame-  In my first two mock drafts blogs I posted I had the Ravens taking Tate at #25 and got murdered for it.  Tate blew the scouts away with his speed and strength.  If Tate were only two inches taller he’d be a lock to go in the top 20.  Drew Brees heard the same thing when he was at the Combine, but I think it’s worked out pretty well for him…even though he’s two inches too short.

WR: Carlton Mitchell, South Florida-  Mitchell made a name for himself at the Combine while running a 4.49 at 6’3″ 215 lbs.  Scouts were taking notice of everything he did after running that 40 yard dash time.  Mitchell is a “big play” receiver and should be gone by the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

TE: Dorrin Dickerson, Pittsburgh-  The Combine is purely a measure of physical abilities and that was perfect stage  for Dickerson to show off.  He’s definitely undersized for the position at the NFL, but posting a 4.4 40 yard dash, 24 reps at 225 lbs., anda 43.5″ vertical jump got him some recognition this past weekend.

Tackle: Bruce Campbell, Maryland-  No other player stole the Combine spotlight like Campbell did on day 1.  Campbell is massive at 6’6″, 314 lbs., but also very quick and athletic.  He ran the fastest 40 yard dash time for OL at 4.85 and also benched 225 lbs, 34 times.  Campbell doesn’t look like your typical tackle, he reminds me more of a power forward, which begs the question of why didn’t Gary Williams find a way to use that athletic big body on the hard wood?  I can see him being the Raiders first round.

Tackle: Russell Okung, Oklahoma State-  Okung secured a top 5 selection in the draft with a great Combine.  He’s definitely that “franchise” tackle that you’d want when drafting one that high.  Okung has long arms, good speed, and is as strong as an ox.  The Redskins would be foolish to pass him up at #4, but it is the Redskins, so Dan Snyder will probably draft a QB.

Guard: Mike Iupati, Idaho-  Iupati struggled in the Senior Bowl, but responded well with a good showing at the Combine.  His draft stock slips a little because of his position, but he’s as safe a pick as you can find in this draft and should become a Pro Bowl guard within a couple of seasons.

Guard: Vladimir Ducasse, UMass-  Big Vlad is a nasty offensive lineman at 6’5″, 332 lbs.  He’s probably not athletic or skilled enough to make the transition fron D-II tackle to NFL tackle, but he’ll be fine at guard.

Center: Maurkice Pouncey, Miami-  This is a weak class for centers, but Pouncey did nothing to lose his #1 ranking amongst his fellow centers.  Pouncey gets knocked for having short arms, but that’s just the reaction of being under a microscope like you are at the Combine.

Defensive End: Jason Paul-Pierre, South Florida- JPP ran a ridiculous 4.64 40 yard dash at 6’5″, 270 lbs.  Without much game tape on JPP, the Combine was his time to shine and he did just that.  In between drills, JPP showed off his gymnastic skills by doing 13 consecutive back flips.  This dude is a sick athlete!

Defensive End: Brandon Graham, Michigan-  Graham injured himself at the Combine while running his second 40 yard dash, but he dazzled the scouts and GM’s with his first time of 4.69.  Add to that 31 reps on the bench press and Graham is soaring up every draft board even with the injury.  Think Dwight Freeney with Graham.

Defensive Tackle: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska-  I think Suh distanced himself from McCoy as the top DT in the draft.  Suh ran a sub 5.0 40 yard dash and lifted 225 lbs. 32 times.  If the Rams don’t trade the pick or take Bradford, Suh is the guy.

Defensive Tackle: Jeff Owens, Georgia-  Owens had a great Combine.  He ran a sub 5.0 40 yard dash at over 300 lbs., and benched 225 lbs. 44 times!  Owens is coming off a serious injury, but he definitely showed his stuff this past weekend.  He’ll still be a mid to late round pick, but his numbers are impressive.

Outside Linebacker: Sean Witherspoon, Missouri-  Witherspoon is on a tear right now.  After shredding the Senior Bowl, ‘spoon destroyed the Combine looking like the most complete LB in the draft.  He ran a 4.5, had 34 reps at 225lbs., and was a star during the skills drills.  There are questions regarding his official position in the NFL, but no matter where he plays, Witherspoon is going to be a star.  Right now I have a serious “Man Crush” on him and would love to see him in purple and black next season.

Inside Linebacker: Jamal Chaney, Mississippi State-  Since Rolando McClain didn’t participate in the Combine and Brandon Spikes didn’t run the 40, Chaney took the stage and starred during the Combine.  Chaney showed off his speed and strength at the Combine while running the fastest 40 yard time out of any LB.

Outside Linebacker: Daryl Washington, TCU-  Washington’s stock had been yo-yo’ing since their Fiesta Bowl appearance in January, but he shut up all the doubters at the Combine.  Washington was very smooth in all of the skills drills and posted a 4.5 40 yard dash.  Strength is an issue for Washington, but he’s a very solid weakside LB.

Cornerback: Kyle Wilson, Boise State-  While Joe Haden’s stock slipped, Wilson’s has sky rocketed.  He’s got so much hype around him now it’s nearly a lock he’ll be gone in the 1st round.  At only 5’10” 194 lbs., Wilson threw up 225 lbs. 25 times!  He also ran a 4.44 and looked very solid in all of the drills.

Cornerback: Devin McCourty, Rutgers-  Here’s a kid that just simply shined at the Combine.  Not only was his physique amazing for a guy that’s 5’11”, 193 lbs., but he also ran the fastest 40 yard dash out of every CB in Indy.  McCourty made a name for himself this week and could now be a late 1st round pick in the draft.

Safety: Taylor Mays, USC-  Everybody knew that this was Mays chance to shine and the former Trojan lived up to the hype.  At 6’3″, 231 lbs., Mays ran a sub 4.3 40 yard dash, even though the “official timing” has it a bit slower.  He excelled at anything at the Combine that required his raw physical abilities to show.  It’s going to be hard for the GM’s in the league to let a player like Mays slip past them.

Safety: Eric Berry, Tennessee-  Berry did little to hurt his draft stock and should be drafted within the top 10 picks.  Running a 4.40 40 yard dash and leaping 43″ vertically Berry has all the tools to become a great safety in the NFL.  At 6’1″, 211 lbs., Berry is everything you could ask for from your safety of the future.