2010 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

January 26, 2010 |

With a looming 2011 lockout hanging over the NFL there have been a record number of early entries into this year’s NFL Draft.  It makes sense for the eligible players to declare, afterall at least by declaring early they’ll earn one years worth of an NFL contract, especially since nobody is sure of what the new labor agreement will be.

We’re still a few weeks away from the combine, however we do know that after the Ravens exit from the playoffs they will have the 25th pick in the draft.  Let’s take a look at my 2010 NFL Mock Draft and see how I think the 2010 NFL Draft is shaping up if the draft happened today.

  1. St. Louis Rams:  Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska-  I really thought that the Rams would take a quarterback here since they DESPERATELY need one.  However with Clausen’s toe surgery and Bradford’s shoulder surgery, there really isn’t any one worthy of the pick and the huge guaranteed contract.  Spagnolo is a defensive coach and Suh is a monster.  Mix him with Chris Long and James Laurinaitis and the Rams are starting to build something. 
  2. Detriot Lions: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma- It’s hard to imagine two defensive tackles being drafted one-two in the draft, but that looks to be the reality this year.  I think if the Lions were in a different place with their defense they would love to take Eric Berry and they still may, however I think that you have to build a defense from the D-line and move back and taking Berry would leave them short upfront.  One thing’s for sure, there’s no doubt the Lions draft a defensive player here.
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State-  There’s a huge gap between Bryant and the next WR, making Braynt’s value even higher.  With a young quarterback needing a big play maker the Bucs take Bryant, especially with team’s other Bryant, Antonio Bryant being a free agent.
  4. Washington Redskins: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State-  The typical Dan Snyder logic would say they take Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford here, however there’s a new era underway in DC.  The Redskins have nothing on the O-line and couldn’t protect their investment if they took a QB here anyways.  If the ‘skins take Okung, they’d be drafting their replacement for Chris Samuels and would be moving in a “smarter” direction under Mike Shanahan, but c’mon this is the Washington Redskins we’re talking about.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Berry, DB, Tennessee-  Berry is a great talent and the Chiefs can’t let him slip past them.  Berry could become the biggest superstar out of this draft class, but due to his position he slips a little.  Berry is a great play maker and athletic safety, however, some scouts look at him as a corner too.  Versatility is great for a defensive back and he should become a Pro Bowl player VERY soon.
  6. Seattle Seahawks: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame-  With Pete Carroll now coaching the Seahawks change is certainly coming and a new QB is obvious.  Matt Hasselbeck is getting on in age and they could afford to let Clausen sit behind the veteran for a season.  Clausen gets the edge over Bradford, because Carroll is more familiar with him from playing him every season in college, plus Clausen’s his high school days in California.
  7. Cleveland Browns: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma-  The Mike Holmgren era is officially underway.  Holmgren realizes that he can’t move forward with Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson, therefore they must grab a QB here.  Drafting Joe Haden here would be a safer pick, however Holmgren knows that he must have a QB to move forward as a franchise.
  8. Oakland Raiders: Joe Haden, CB, Florida-  The Raiders already have Nnamdi Asomugha making the opposition’s quarterback left looking anywhere but in his direction and now the Raiders can add the top CB in the draft to give them the best CB duo in the league.  The Raiders never make sense with their draft picks, but taking Haden would give them incredible flexibilitywith their blitz packages having two “shut down” corners in the secondary.
  9. Buffalo Bills: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers-  The Bills have serious issues…Chan Gailey is the new head coach!  They’ve got issues at quarterback, O-line, and in the secondary, but everybody knows you must start upfront.  Nobody questions Davis’ physical dominance, however his heart and motor have been questioned.  The Bills traded away Jason Peters last season to the Eagles and never filled his void, drafting Davis would do that.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama-  It’s odd that Jack Del Rio has never had a star linebacker in Jacksonville, but finally he gets his man.  The Jaguars need defensive help and they’re very light at LB, McClain can fill the void in the middle.
  11. Denver Broncos: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech-  Morgan slips further than I thought, but his talent isn’t questioned, it’s just where he gets drafted that is.  The Broncos were the most successful this season when they were murdering the opposition’s QB and Morgan will give them another talented end to disrupt on defense.  Morgan this late is a steal for the Broncos.
  12. Miami Dolphins: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida-  The Dolphins and Parcells are always tough to figure out.  I think Dunlap’s physical abilities out weigh his DUI incident and Miami can’t pass on a supremely talented pass rusher coming off the edge.  Dunlap’s has massive potential, but we’ve heard that a few times before and it doesn’t always work out.  His interviews at the combine will go far to determining his draft stock.
  13. San Francisco 49ers: Mike Iupati, G, Idaho-  Hard to imagine a guard going this early, but Iupati is a “can’t miss” pick.  He’s being compared to Steve Hutchinson or Alan Faneca and the 49ers could use his help on the interior of their O-line.  Things are looking up in San Fran where they’ve finally got some serious players. 
  14. Seattle Seahawks: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson-  Spiller is the next in line of the undersized, explosive RB’s to enter the NFL.  First it was MJD, then Chris  Johnson, and Ray Rice, now it’s Spiller.  His stock should soar after the combine where his speed will dazzle and catch the eye of every NFL GM.  I don’t think Pete Carroll can pass on adding Clausen and Spiller with his first two picks in Seattle as coach.  Can you blame him?
  15. New York Giants: Brandon Spikes, MLB, Florida-  Spikes was the center piece of a very good Gators team and a consistent tackler.  The Giants have plenty of pass rushers, but could use someone at middle linebacker.  With Antonio Pierce getting on in age, Spikes can be a starter from day one.
  16. Tennessee Titans:  Terrance Cody, DT, Alabama-  The Titans lost Albert Haynesworth to the Redskins last season, so drafting Cody could be a quick replacement.  Scouts will question his motor, weight, and NFL abilities, but at 6’5″ 365 lbs he’s worth the gamble.
  17. San Francisco 49ers: Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas-  Of course Mike Singletary would love to have more LB’s at his disposal and Kindle would give him a solid tackler to pair with Patrick Willis.  Kindle can rush from the outside or stay back and make the sure tackle.  Taking Iupate and Kindle in the first round imeediatley improves the 49ers.
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Taylor Mays, S, USC-  Can you imagine having Polamalu and Mays?  I’m sure that’s the last thing the opposition would want to see.  Having two USC safeties roaming the secondary is too good to pass up and the Steelers need help at the position.  As long as Mays runs well at the combine, I’m positive a team won’t let him slip to far.
  19. Atlanta Falcons: Everson Griffin, DE, USC-  The Falcons need help on defense and Griffin can do it all.  Griffin play either the 3-4 blitzing linebacker or a 4-3 end.  Things seem set on offense, but defense is another issue for the Falcons and there’s no question here they draft a defensive player.
  20. Houston Texans: Earl Thomas, S, Texas- Thomas would be a great addition to the up and coming Texans and help their secondary from day one.  Thomas displayed all of his dynamic play making skills in the BCS Championship game and his stock has soared ever since.
  21. Cincinnati Bengals:  ArreliousBenn, WR, Illinois-  The Bengals lack of WR depth was really an issue in the playoffs when Darrelle Revis totally shut down the entire pass attack.  Benn is extremely talented, but his injury has detracted from his value so far.  Ochocinco needs a side kick and Benn could fit that bill. 
  22. New England Patriots: Jerry Hughes, LB, TCU-  The Patriots loss to the Ravens was a rude awakening and they’ve seen their weaknesses.  Hughes is a great tackler and having him on the outside with Mayo on the inside would give the Pats a nice duo to play behind Vince Wilfork. 
  23. Green Bay Packers: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland-  Aaron Rodgers needs some protection and while Campbell has doubters, his abilities and a weak class for tackles gets him drafted here.  Campbell is a mauler and a definite need for the Packers.  I’d be shocked if improving their O-line isn’t their top priority.
  24. Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Graham, LB, Michigan-  I always admire the way the Eagles draft and nothing should change again this year.  Graham reminds me off Dwight Freeney, he’s only 6′ tall, but at 272 lbs he has the size and speed to get into the back field to be a play maker.  A good 40 time will go far for Graham.
  25. Baltimore Ravens: Golden Tate, WR, NotreDame-  The Ravens have needs at WR, DE, and CB, but with no receivers under contract for next season Ozzie Newsome must finally draft for “need” and not “best overall”.  In addition to having a great name, Golden Tate is a big time play maker.  His 93 receptions for 1,496 yards and 15 touchdowns don’t lie, considering he played under Charlie Weiss in a pro-style offensive scheme and defenses keyed in on him.  I know he’s undersized compared to other receivers in the draft  like Brandon Lafell from LSU, but the Ravens need an instant impact player and that’s Tate.  Believe me, I’m not Notre Dame fan, but if  Tate runs the 40 under 4.5, he’s to good to pass up for the Ravens.  Tate can also return kicks and punts giving him even more play making chances and increasing his value.
  26. Arizona Cardinals: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma-  If not for his season ending injury Gresham would have gone much higher, but the Cards would be happy to snatch him this late if he falls.  The Cardinals have needs at TE and O-line, but a stud talent like Gresham would be a luxury for an offense that’s likely to see them loose either Anquan Boldin or Steve Breaston.  Not to mention that Kurt Warner could retire and we know how important the TE is to a young quarterback.
  27. Dallas Cowboys: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida-  JPP would give the Cowboys another nasty pass rusher.  With Ware and Spencer already in place, JPP would give quarterback’s nightmare’s when thinking about the blitz coming. 
  28. San Diego Chargers: Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech-  The Chargers need to answer their rushing issues.  LT is getting up there in age and Sproles was “franchised” this past season.  Change is inevitable for the San Diego back field and I think Dwyer could become a 20+ carry back.
  29. New York Jets: Brian Price, DT, UCLA-  Rex Ryan is still building his dominant defense in New York and a massive DT like Price could anchor his line for years to come.  Price will force double teams on the inside and can allow Ryan to have fun creating his “organized chaos”.
  30. Minnesota Vikings: Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State-  For a team pretty well stocked their only weakness is at CB, but there’s a huge gap between Joe Haden and Robinson.  Robinson brings is experience and speed to a secondary that could use some help.
  31. New Orleans Saints: Sean Witherspoon, LB, Missouri-  The Saints offense should not be touched, however they’re still trying to get the defense caught up.  With Jonathan Vilma at MLB, Witherspoon would give them another sure tackling LB and another step in the right direction.
  32. Indianapolis Colts: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee-  The Colts has great pass rushing ends in their 4-3 defense, but Williams would be a great force on the interior of that line.  At 6’3″ 327 lbs, Williams has all of the tools to be a force for the Colts and continue to allow Freeney and Mathis to do their thing on the edge.