2010 NFL Mock Draft 7.0 “The Final Mock”

April 22, 2010 |

It’s Thursday April 22, 2010 and that means that after months of draft speculation the 1st round finally takes place tonight at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

Over the recent months I’ve posted six, yes six separate mock draft’s and today will mark my final 1st round mock before the event begins tonight around 7:30 pm.

My mock is based upon the current draft order and not factoring in trades,  however I believe we’ll see a lot of movement during the three day event, but unfortunately my crystal ball has limited powers.

The St. Louis Rams are on the clock….

  1. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma-  Recently we’ve seen most of the #1 overall picks agree to a contract before the draft, but Bradford and the Rams aren’t there yet.  Unless the Rams get a great offer for the pick or maybe can trade for Ben Roethlisberger they’ll be taking Bradford.
  2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska-  Dominant force on the defensive line, the Lions are desperate to improve their defense and Suh is widely considered a “can’t miss” pick.
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma-  The Bucs would probably prefer Suh, but won’t have the same choice to make the Lions will have.  The Bucs get whichever DT is left and that will be McCoy.
  4. Washington Redskins: Russelll Okung, OT, Oklahoma State-  The Redskins will draft a tackle here if they can’t move back in the round and gain some additional picks.  The ‘skins main focus will be on improving their O-line and I would expect there’s no way possible scenario that they won’t take a lineman with their first pick.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma-  This is the first pick in the draft where it gets a little murky on whether the Chiefs will take Williams as I suspect, Bryan Bulaga, or Eric Berry.  I think they take the tackle with the higher upside.
  6. Seattle Seahawks: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee-  The Seahawks need help on the offensive line as well as multiple places on defense, but in the end I think they take the dynamic play-making safety Eric Berry, because I know that Pete Carroll knows the importance of having a great safety playing for his defense (Troy Polamalu and Taylor Mays at USC)
  7. Cleveland Browns: Derrick Morgan, DE/OLB, Georgia Tech-  If the top 6 goes this way the Browns will use all of their allotted time to try and deal this pick.  Berry is who they want and I can’t see Mike Holmgren taking Jimmy Clausen here, therefore the Browns take the best pass rusher in the draft. 
  8. Oakland Raiders: Anthony Davis Rutgers, OT, Rutgers-  I’ve had Bruce Campbell here before, but one’s thing is for sure, it will be a tackle at #8.
  9. Buffalo Bills: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa-  Take Clausen and have no O-line to protect him or take Bulaga and help the O-line, but still have no QB?  I think they take Bulaga.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Haden, CB, Florida-  I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the Jags picks are kids from Florida schools as they’re trying to do anything to sell tickets right now.  Haden has seen his stock slip, but the Jags need his help in the AFC South playing Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson four times throughout the season.
  11. Denver Broncos: Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama-  McClain was the leader on Nick Saban’s stellar defense at Alabama and the Broncos need McClain’s help as an ILB on their 3-4 defense.
  12. Miami Dolphins: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida-  The ‘phins have been one the NFL’s most active teams landing Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall, so adding an athletic pass rushing end like JPP is the logical move for Bill Parcells.
  13. San Francisco 49ers: Earl Thomas, S, Texas-  Thomas is rising quickly up draft boards at the perfect time for him to get drafted amongst the top 15.  Thomas is an excellent player and the 49ers add a nice blue chipper to their secondary.
  14. Seattle Seahawks: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson-  Pete Carroll definitely puts a premium on explosive, play-making RB’s and Spiller is the best on this year’s class.  Carroll was the mastermind behind the success of Reggie Bush at USC and Spiller would be lucky to play for Carroll, sounds like a perfect fit to me.
  15. New York Giants: Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri-  The Giants would love for Spiller to slip here, but with him gone to Seattle the G-men focus on improving their LB’s and Weatherspoon can do it all.  Weatherspoon has played both ILB and OLB in college and will easily find a home somewhere on the Giants defense.  Weatherspoon loves to chat and NY would be a great place for him to do plenty of that.
  16. Tennessee Titans:  Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee-  There’s rumors of Albert Haynesworth perhaps being traded back to the Titans, but assuming they don’t make a move, Williams is an excellent DT that could fill the big shoes vacated by Big Al a season ago.
  17. San Francisco 49ers: Mike Iupati, OT/OG, Idaho-  The 49ers need to improve their offensive line and adding Iupati is a pretty safe choice here.  Put Iupati next to Joe Staley on the left side of the O-line and let Frank Gore run the ball behind them 20+ times a game.
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey, G/C, Florida-  Pouncey is another late riser that has increased his draft position within the last few weeks and is a “lock” to be a 1st rounder.  The Steelers need help on the O-line and now with Roethlisberger being suspended for the start of the season, they’re going to need some extra protection for Dennis Dixon.
  19. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan-  The Falcons upgraded their defense earlier this off season by paying (over paying) for CB Dunta Robinson, but will need to find a player to get after the QB.  Graham is an excellent pass rusher and would have been a top 15 pick if he was an inch or two taller.
  20. Houston Texans: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State-  Speaking of Dunta Robinson with the Falcons, the Texans must find his replacement and Wilson is the 2nd best CB in the draft.
  21. Cincinnati Bengals: Taylor Mays, S, USC-  The Bengals have two excellent young CB’s but nothing at either safety position.  Mays could be an ideal fit in Cincy with those corners able to cover down field which would allow Mays to do what he does best and that’s knock the snot out of anybody that comes across the middle.
  22. New England Patriots:  Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State-  This one even blows my mind to think how scary Bryant on the Pats would be!  Think about it though, this is probably Randy Moss’s last year in New England, Wes Welker is coming of shredding his knee, and you still have a few more years of Brady being an elite QB in the NFL.  Moss would be a great mentor for Bryant and Brady could maximize Bryant’s potential.  It doesn’t make perfect sense initially, but let it set in and it’s the right pick for the Pats.
  23. Green Bay Packers: Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn State-  I love Odrick in GB and think he’d be a perfect fit on that defensive line in Dom Capers 3-4.
  24. Philadelphia Eagles: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers-  The Eagles love to have multiple top notch corners in their secondary and McCoutry is that, plus an explosive kick returner.
  25. Baltimore Ravens: Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas-  If “Play Like a Raven” is the slogan for the Ravens than Sergio Kindle is their guy.  I still think the Ravens will move back in the draft, but I’d take Kindle over Jermaine Gresham here because Kindle would be a great step in adding youth to an aging Ravens defense.
  26. Arizona Cardinals: Charles Brown, OT, USC-  Brown can play four offensive line positions and the Cards could use a player with that versatility at the end of the 1st round.  This should be a “tradeable” pick for the Cards.
  27. Dallas Cowboys: Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech-  Jerry Jones wants his Cowboys to be playing in this year’s Super Bowl which is being held at Jones’ new stadium.  Miles Austin was incredible last season for the Cowboys, but I think Jones would jump at the chance to get Thomas here and give Tony Romo another big play threat.
  28. San Diego Chargers: Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State-  The Chargers need a RB and Matthews is a perfect fit for what Norv Turner likes to do.  If Matthews gets drafted by the Chargers I guarantee he’ll get 1,000 yards in 2010.
  29. New York Jets: Brian Price, DT, UCLA-  The Jets have been very aggressive this off season so I would expect them to be active over the next few days.  I’d imagine they’ll go defense with this pick and Price would be a solid NT for Rex Ryan’s team.
  30. Minnesota Vikings: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame-  I can’t see Clausen lasting this long, because I’m assuming there will be trades taking place amongst the middle of the draft and that’s where Clausen will ultimately end up going, but as it stands now Clausen would be a smart selection for the Vikings.
  31. Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU- Hughes is ideal for the Colts and their defense.  He’s a sure tackler and can pressure the QB.  The Colts will use their top pick on defense, because Peyton Manning can make anybody look like a Pro Bowler on offense.
  32. New Orleans Saints: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida-  The Saints grab a huge DE and add Dunlap to a line that already has Will Smith and Sedrick Ellis.