3rd QT Observations

October 19, 2008 |

C-Mac finally got on the field,,  his first play if the game was the Pennington to Bess TD pass (not McAlisters man though),,

Ravens line is getting downfield & doing a great job of blocking.  They are getting the hang of the swing pass.  One went for 40 yards to Ray Rice down the right side.  A few plays later McGahee too one down the left side and was 5 yards from the endzone when,,  he couldn’t hang on!!!   Fumble,,  Dolphins ball!!   Things were looking so good,,,

They just played a “We must protect this house” on the big screen here,,   feels like a home game!  Ravens fans can be heard yelling “Heeeeap” after a Heap catch,  wearing the home uniforms & the lead.  All thing you usually don’t get on the road!!!!