7 reasons why we are angry……

October 01, 2008 | Keith Melchior

The Ravens were ahead by 10 points at the half, were totally in control of the game, and had the Steelers and their fans totally out of sync.  Those nasty twists of fate that always seem to haunt this team once again resurfaced and the few meltdowns they suffered cost them dearly.

We HATE Hines Ward and want to ram a football helmet right though his grill so we don’t have to look at that smirky smile of his.

We think they should have challenged the Derrick Mason catch in the end zone. Since it was in the first half they would risk losing a time out. That would have pretty much cemented a win for the Ravens.

We continually saw Ravens secondary players crashing into a ball carrier and bopping him around like a pinball machine INSTEAD of wrapping him up and tackling. Missed tackles cost the Ravens the win.

Lack of discipline among veteran players. One phrase is all that was needed to be said, “Look at the scoreboard, butthead” then walk the hell away.

There was a Todd Heap sighting, but no balls thrown in his direction. How can  a Pro Bowl caliber TE NOT get the ball in a big game like that?

Local Steelers and Redskins fans taunting us because their teams won and we didn’t. That gets under the skin of Ravens’ fans more than the loss itself. Having to listen to them gloat and brag is pure torture. And there is NO comeback that makes them shut their mouths. We can’t use the, “When was the last time YOU won a Super Bowl?” anymore. The Redskins fans will tell you they have won 3 in the last 20 years and have won more playoff games since 2002 than we have.

Angry? You bet, but this will wear off soon. We have a home game in 5 days, we will root for the Jaguars and Eagles, and we can be 3-1 this time next week  tied for the division lead or in 1st place outright. Things are looking up.