A child gives away the souvenir of a lifetime, for the right reasons ….

April 05, 2011 |

If you’re wandering around a sports-themed format, today, your eyes and ears will undoubtedly be treated to a plethora of Orioles “band wagoning”, on the heels of four consecutive victories to start the season. It’s accolades across the board for every player wearing orange and black.

Along with some mitigating feedback on UConn’s NCAA Championship, it’s a rather predictable day in Baltimore’s sports banter and discussion …..

Dare to be different, right?

Hey, I talk and write about the birds as much as anyone; I did it yesterday and I’ll be doing it, again, tomorrow.

But, today, I want to share a story – and perhaps a bit of a life lesson – provided by a child, in Chicago. It’s just a quick account of selflessness and generosity …..

Many of us recall the legend of William “The Refrigerator” Perry and his folk-hero existence among many personalities on the 1985 Chicago Bears. Like many athletes, the ‘Fridge lived life in the fast lane, as he balanced money and fame with the sudden reality that he had no experience in handling either.

And like many former athletes, he lost everything.

Some of his failures and financial woes can be attributed to health issues. But, much of Perry’s problems have been bound in bad decisions and the bottle, or a combination of both. By many accounts, he’s a living example of the impact felt by overindulgence.

Enough said on the subject and the man – at least, from my perspective. If you have a few moments, read the attached article and learn how one child recently did a very generous thing for Perry. Yet, at the same time, the gesture and spirit of the message is not about the ‘Fridge, as much as it’s about doing something nice …..

Find the article HERE