A Dear John letter…

December 01, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

with the thickest skin in the room. Learn how to handle tough questions and give thoughtful answers.

People are going to ask dumb questions. NO ONE you talk to in the public eye understands anywhere NEAR what you know about football. You know more about football, which is exactly why we ask YOU the questions.

And people are going to say, write and post all sorts of stupid stuff. I know you’re not a “tech guy” but if you knew what was REALLY said about you on the internet every day via Facebook and Twitter, you’d certainly not really believe that a few goofy observations by the meager likes and caliber of Mike Preston are any big deal. More people are far rougher on you on mobile phones in the hours after a game than EVER listen to WBAL or watch your coaches show on Tuesday night or read The Baltimore Sun. (And anyone in your building who tells you this isn’t true is in the blind with the rest of the old media world but these indelible facts are indisputable to anyone who owns a smart phone!)

My favorite quote over all of my years of journalism came from Deion Sanders after a game in D.C.: “Critics?” he shouted. “My critics have critics! I couldn’t care less.”

If you don’t like the “criticism” of 8-3 you better hope to God you never feel the wrath of 3-8. And your next job better not be in a city that’s anywhere north of the “Mayberry experience” you enjoy here in Baltimore with a media corps that is completely bought off on a year-round basis by Peter Angelos and CBS Radio, who it appears your company is going back into business with if I’m a betting man.

And it’s at times when the going gets tough that you’ll need us. I’ve seen it happen so many times, bro.

Kind of like you did last Sunday when you waved your arms on 3rd down and implored the “people” to make some noise and then went into the post-game press conference, lied on the podium about not scoreboard watching