A New Day..a new era…

January 19, 2008 |

First of all for those that had a chance to listen to Chicken Box Friday…it was an honor to have Ken Singleton in the studio. A class act and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Rob, Ray and I were like kids in a candy store listening to his stories from the O’s glory days. I’ve been doing Chicken Box Friday for almost a year now and never was it as much fun as today.

For those that missed it…shame on you!

Onto the Ravens…short and simple here. Early on we heard that many people inside the Ravens organization really liked John Harbaugh. He was their plan B of sorts all along and they got their man. For those that are concerned about this hire…don’t be…it seems in the end everyone came together and said this is “our guy”…trust in OZ…and the fact that our owner called Mr. Model first is the signal to me that all is back to normal in Ravenland.

The last few weeks has been rough for some fans…maybe everything was not handled as we would have liked it to have been. Maybe the new coach is not some fans first choice. Maybe some are upset that MARTYBALL never really got a chance and maybe some are listening to 1300 and wondering what is going on. Well…John Harbaugh is our coach…lets all look through the front window and support him as only Ravens fans can.

Welcome to RAVENLAND Mr. Harbaugh…we wish you nothing but many many years of success. Good luck in building a winning staff and team…we are all 100% behind you!