A Note to Chris Johnson, Casey Hampton, Etc: “Quit Yer Bitchin”

September 16, 2011 | Glenn Clark

To think Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron, Offensive Line Coach Andy Moeller (and O-Line assistant Todd Washington) as well as a number of veterans on the line are conspiring to throw illegal and potentially harmful blocks is preposterous.

It’s with that in mind that I say it again.


These guys sound like the Baltimore Orioles with all of the complaining they’re doing.

The Steelers got their asses kicked in Week 1. The Titans lost the playoff game but have a chance to get a measure of revenge in Week 2.

Worry about that.

This isn’t as simple as me being a Charm City homer, either. The Baltimore Orioles need to do the exact same thing instead of complaining about the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Closer Kevin Gregg has made an ass out of himself on more than one occasion telling reporters he was “not going to be intimidated” by one of the AL East powers despite issuing a walk that ultimately doomed the Birds.

If you’re losing, don’t bitch about it. Just change it.

The outcome of every sporting event everywhere in the world at all times is always decided by THE PLAYERS ON THE FIELD. (Or the court. Or the ice. Or the course.)

Postgame bitching simply accomplishes nothing-other than a lame attempt at generating sympathy after (at least in the case of the Steelers-and often times the Orioles) a piss poor performance.

So let’s move forward from here.

If the Ravens drop Sunday’s contest 31-13 to the Titans (which I doubt), I hope they don’t bitch about officiating, or scheduling, or how much of a punk Cortland Finnegan is.

And as far as Johnson and the Steelers go, it’s a simple exercise.