Alabama’s Marcell Dareus is Best DT in Draft

March 15, 2011 | Brian Billick

Checking in at 6’3 1/8 and 319 pounds is Marcell Dareus from Alabama.  I have him ranked as my top interior defensive lineman in April’s draft.  Dareus provides a different skill set than Nick Fairley, being that he is more of a space eating, run stuffing, traditional defensive tackle than he is a big time playmaker.

Dareus will most likely play the nose in a 34 defense and his main role will be to keep offensive lineman from getting to the second level, freeing up his linebackers make all the plays.

On the field, Dareus plays low and stout with a heavy anchor.  He uses his arms to lockout and shed blockers to disengage and slide in the direction of the ball carrier.  once broken free, Dareus doesn’t have very good closing speed, but he plugs up the holes in the middle of the field and forces running backs to run around him.  He plays with more overall strength than his 24 repetitions in the bench press suggest.

Not withstanding a player boycott, Dareus won’t be in the green room very long on draft day, as I look for his name to be called within the first 3 picks.