An alternative look at Ray to the Jets

February 06, 2009 |

Ray Lewis to the Jets?  On the surface it seems to make the sufficient amount of sense to think could it actually happen.  Undoubtedly, we all know Rex Ryan, the new coach, is his boy.  One would think, the bright spotlight in New York City might appeal very much to Ray.  And most of all, the reason it would seem to make sense two weeks before he even becomes a free agent is because… he said it could.

If we go by what Ray said, figure the Ravens, the Cowboys, and the Jets are his preferred teams.  But, let me tell you, scratch the surface just a little bit and you’ll discover there is no way #52 will be donning Jets’ Green next season.

This Ray Lewis to the Jets thing, is a non-story.  Simply put the Jets do not have the cash to spend on bringing Ray Lewis to The Meadowlands, or The Meadowlands II, or whatever company spends money to have naming rights to the new Jets/Giants mega-stadium in 2010.

Jets owner Robert Woods Johnson, the guy whose family sells lots of band-aids and baby powder, loves a big splash free agent signing more than anyone.  That said last off-season the Jets and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum ran up a  $142 million, $74 million guaranteed tab on new contracts for FA’s Alan Faneca, Calvin Pace, and Damien Woody, and Kris Jenkins, whom they acquired via trade with Carolina.  So clearly money is a little tied up.  Oh yeah, then they traded for and signed BRETT FAVRE.  Boom there’s another $12M for last year, and $13M for this season if he comes back.

Hmmm, that raises an interesting question; the answer would surely effect Ray’s decision.  Will Brett Favre come back?  Either way keeps Lewis away from coming to New York.  If Favre chooses to come back for another ‘last go around’ the cap hit would leave no room for Ray.  If he retires to hunting and tractor riding in Mississippi or gets released or traded, why would Ray want to come to a team with a Kellen Clemens/Brett Ratliff quarterback ‘battle.’  I’m not sure he’s going down that road again; I think he knows it all too well.

I share in a common belief that Ray is going where the most money is.  I realize I’m not breaking news, I can clearly remember him telling Nestor and Drew on Radio Row that when all is said and done the decision will be made in 5 minutes.  Translation to me, Ray’s waiting to see who going to show him the money.

I make no promises that Ray is staying or going.

But if indeed Ray has played his last down in purple, I’m telling you, his next will not be in the ‘Swamps of Jersey’ with the Jets.