…And The Beat Goes On

January 07, 2008 |

It’s Monday, January 7th and the Ravens are still without a coaching staff. No, I didn’t think we would have a staff in place yet, but it doesn’t make me less anxious.

The Ravens have been a good organization for about a decade, and now I’m starting to wonder if we have a plan. I believe we do, because of the team’s history, but I still wonder because I’m human.

I listened to the team’s owner say that he’s been here for four years and we’ve only been to the play-offs once. Well, the coach that he fired has been to the play-offs more than that, and he’s gone. So now, I have to hope that the people who remain have the winning formula, especially since those people did not win before the estranged coach arrived in Baltimore.

I watch the teams in the play-offs and only wish my team was participating, but I also wonder what the team has in store for the future. We can only wait and hope to repeat our past. Would you take one more championship over the next nine years?