Are you upset about last night? I’ll straighten you out …..

November 12, 2010 |

Many of us are reflecting back on the Ravens latest trip to New England, as we compile the pieces to last night’s failures, in Atlanta. That’s where we saw some initial cracks to the formation of a storied defense, right?

I had my suspicions then, and I’m certainly agonizing over those suspicions, now.

But, for me, I’m blessed with a silver lining that avails a truly profound perspective into the football season’s last month.

When the Ravens squared off against the Patriots, I gathered with a large group of friends to watch the festivities. Most of us live here and all of us share a love for Ravens football. It was a great day at our favorite watering hole, mixed with a bad ending in Foxboro. But, we still enjoyed ourselves.

That Sunday also marked a special situation for many members of our group.

One of our friends has been battling an opponent much tougher than the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets, combined.

That’s right, he’s fighting for his life against the “BIG C” …..

He’s been worn down by the effects of chemotherapy. His last six weeks have been tougher than anything the Buffalo Bills have endured.

Still, he was there with us, rooting for the Ravens to survive Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Deion Branch.