As 2008 comes to an end…the last Random Thoughts from me..

December 24, 2008 |

1. First like everyone else….I’d like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Holiday season…It has been a fun year for me getting to know caller and emailers and bloggers and look forward to an even better 2009…whether we agreed or not it was always entertaining.

2. I was bummed for about 12 hours after Teixiera signed with the Yankees. I said all along I thought he really wanted to come home and be an Oriole. I was disappointed in him and the O’s for those 12 hours. Not that his signing would mean a winning team but he would have been another piece to a 3 or 4 year puzzle. Now that he is with the Yankees…so be it…the Yankees, as much as I dislike them, are simply playing by the rules…I wish our ownership group would use the same win at any cost idealology.

Saying all that…I am an Orioles fan…I was born that way…the Orioles will always be my team. I may not go to as many games as I use to, but they are the home team. In 2008 they actually made some solid strides to rebuilding a solid organization. They made some good trades, they played some young players and made some good draft choices. The next 12 years will be better then the last 12…I know that is not saying much, but if they continue to bring in talent to the system, maybe they can be a Marlins or Rays..maybe…time will tell…but in the end how can you fault a team for not overpaying greatly for a guy that didn;’t want to be an Oriole. It’s not an Oriole problem…its a baseball problem.

3. The Ravens…what else can be said…for many it has been a tough year, but at least the Ravens provided a great escape for many, each and every Sunday…no matter how this team ends the 2008 – 2009 season…we know a few things we have not been able to say maybe ever…We have our QB of the present and future, and for that matter our backup QB as well. Our OLINE is not the number 1 priority of the off-season. Our secondary needs another solid player but Fabian Washington has been a find. Whether or not you agreed with the offseason moves of firing the coach or draft day…you can’t argue with the results…cograts to the Ravens and Thank you!

4. The NFL is FUN…but let the players have some of the fun as well…Wes Welker gets finded for making a snow angle after a touchdown….he was having fun…not trying to show up the other team. This is still a game…grown men playing a game like they did when they were kids…take the kids away and you have no game.

5. I will be pulling for Miami this weekend…great story and if they win some justice in the world…Pennington over Farve, in maybe Farve’s last game. I respect Brett Farve but can no longer stand his act…he is a selfish me first guy. no matter what everyone says. I’d love for him to one time when asked about if he is returning next season say this: “its not about me, I am not thinking about it, all we are thinking about as a team is a win this Sunday”. We NEVER hear that from him…retire Brett, I am tired of you and your act!

6. San Diego gets to right the biggest wrong of the NFL season this Sunday…Denver will start Tatum Bell…I like SD.

Some predictions:

Ravens win by 2 TD’s Sunday

Dallas beats Philly to make the playoffs

Miami wins and wins the East…NE goes 11 – 5 and misses the playoffs..sniff sniff…

The Vikes beat the GMEN to win the NFC north


Have a nice holiday all…and to all a good night.