AUG 1st..its almost Draft Time…in the FANTASY WORLD!

August 01, 2008 |

So it’s almost draft time for many Fantasy Football leagues, although I would never draft until the last week of August personally, but anyway, draft day is almost here. So it is time for everyone to rank their players, read hundreds of websites, magazines and watch NFL LIVE for any clues to what could happen…who the sleepers are, the busts will be and who the MARCUS COLSTON SUPER SLEEPER OF THE YEAR will be. MARCUS MONK btw…but that is for another article. Like most players and writers on Fantasy Football, I read what my associates write, because we all have our own views as to how to play and win this game and try to give good solid advice. What I read yesterday brought into question one of my theories on this game…the RB/RB picks in round one and two….

Matthew Berry of ESPN and frankly one of my favorite guys to read…has taken the Texas Two-Step back on his usual RB/RB strategy…he wrote “Well, for the first time in the decade or so that I’ve been writing this, it’s best player available (at least in the second round). Too many running backs are in time shares. Too many quarterbacks are about the same skill level. And look at last year’s scoring leaders: Of the top 30 players in standard scoring, only seven were running backs. Eight were wide receivers, 14 were quarterbacks, plus the Chargers D/ST sneaked in there, as well.”

Shame Shame Shame Mr. Berry…what am I suppose to believe in now? The 2 dollar bill…be serious. Just like as you say, “When Barack Obama talks about “Change we can believe in!” I can only assume he means some new theories for TMR’s Draft Day Manifesto for 2008.” Well saying there will be change for change sake does not work in Washington and will not work in the world of Fantasy Football. Just because something is new or different does not make it better and one year does not make it a trend but simply a blip on the radar. As for Mr. Obama he is trying to get elected, something I’d love to help him with, as when you try to get elected you say you will change things from how they are…brilliant! I on the other hand and trying to get to the playoffs and win something more important than an election…a FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE! So with that in mind, I will have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Berry. The following WR’s were taken in the 4th round or later in my 2007 FANTASY EXPERTS LEAGUE (click here to confirm), Reggie Brown, Deion Branch, DJ Hackett, Hines Ward, Santana Moss, RANDY MOSS, Reggie Williams, Darrell Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Braylon Edwards, Laverneous Coles, Calvin Johnson, Santonio Holmes, Donald Driver, Bernard Berrian, Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, Chris Chambers, Brandon Marshall, Wes Welker, Joey Galloway, Jerrico Cotchery and Greg Jennings to name a few.

A few facts…last year there were 20 WR’s with 1000 yards receiving or more. There were only 17 RB’s with 1000 yards rushing or more, but 3 RB’s Marion Barber, Ryan Grant and Earnest Graham had 898 yards or more ALL THREE WILL EXCEED 1000 YARDS IN 2008, baring an injury…so I am calling it a tie for the 2008 season. Now the following WR’s did not get 1000 yards receiving last year, Dwayne Bowe, Santonio Holmes, Greg Jennings, Anquan Boldin, Lee Evans, Roy Williams, Santana Moss and Hines Ward to name a few. My point here is that every year WR’s pop up and surprise and there are always plenty of WR’s available after round 3.

My advice is listed here (click here on Fans Fantasy Football’s draft strategy) but I choose a RB/RB/RB strategy in the first three rounds of a FANTASY DRAFT…even in 2008. I look at things this way, in the REAL NFL…GM’s are now saying you need 2 Starting RB’s to win in the league because the defenses are bigger and stronger and injuries happen….Back to the Math….there are 32 NFL team…there are 12 teams in most Fantasy Leagues so if all 12 teams in your league followed my guide…36 RB’s would be taken thru 3 rounds….Trust me at least 3 QB’s and 5 WR’s and a TE or 2 will be taken in the first 3 rounds minimum. So, if you follow this Guide you now have 3 starting NFL RB’s…you now have trade bait and depth…you can now withstand an injury or better yet, make a trade with the team that now must start Chester Taylor at RB, while you still are starting WR’s that are on the field for every down. It works, its time tested and is not a panic plan based on the blip of 2007’s season, again with all due respect to Mr. Berry and ESPN.

Good Luck and draft well!