Back to the Future V: Ravens get their Mojo

January 11, 2010 |

WOOO HOOO! Dust off the De Lorean, the Ravens are going back to the future. First, the offense runs it up the gut, and second, Ray lewis had he’s defense playing at the level of the 2000 team. The secondary looked so comfortable with Ed Reed back in the line up, it was the first time all year I didn’t cringe every time a QB released the ball, wondering where our DB’s were going to be as the camera followed the ball. The Ravens, defense as a whole was amazing, the Pats offensive line looked like they watched film of some other team. I’ve said all year that the Ravens have a traditional old school team, that must run the ball first, to establish the pass. Now that the coaching staff is accepting that fact, it’s off to the races. Good Luck Ravens!