Bashing The Steelers …..

September 29, 2010 |

Well, this opportunity usually happens just twice, per year …..

With the Cleveland Browns firmly in the rear view mirror, it’s time to begin focusing on the next opponent. And, this week, that opponent just happens to be our AFC North – Hillbilly Brethren, in Pittsburgh …..

While the Steelers have most certainly been the primary nemesis of anything related to Baltimore football, their fans and following have provided us with some memorable fodder over the course of this rivalry.

They’re spread throughout this entire nation; in many ways like a cruddy virus. Yet, no matter where they might now live, their backwoods, hucklebuck devotion to anything colored black and gold is undeniable.

We know they’ve infiltrated Maryland, especially in the North Harford region of the state.

They’re found in and around the New York City.

I saw a few of them during my recent trip to Southern California.

Heck, they’ve even penetrated the White House …..

Aside from everything else, we can always count on the Steelers and their fans to provide us with much needed laughter. From their ridiculous worship of the ugliest color combination, to embracing a dish towel, Pittsburgh’s followers are a priceless bunch.

I’ll assume they still drink that pewtrid Iron City beer.

And, I’m also guessing they love chili dogs and lardcakes. Then again, something is fueling all those bellies, huh?

I’ve often wondered about the water, in Pittsburgh. Specifically, is there something in the water?

How else would we explain the strange characteristics of Steelers fans?

They’re a special bunch, huh?

Well, Sunday is still four days away (that’s all the fingers, minus your thumb, on one hand ….. Steelers fans) …..

During today’s AFTERNOON DRIVE, we’ll certainly keep up with the latest from Owings Mills, along with chatting about the upcoming game, itself.

But, we’ll honor our friends from Western Pennsylvanaia, too.

Lets make it a fun four hours (that means from when the little hand is on the TWO until it reaches the SIX …. Steelers fans) …..

Yes, we’ll take it easy on those who worship the Black & Gold …..

After all, when the upcoming game is over, they’ll be getting their STAR back …..