B&B Rapid Fire: Schoop, Santana, McClain & More

March 18, 2014 | WNST Staff

Each week on the Brett & Barry Show (Saturdays 9am-12pm), we gather each others’ analysis on the biggest local and national stories and headlines of the week for a couple of minutes a piece in a segment we call Rapid Fire.  We post our responses in blog form every week to a visual version, with links to our segment in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault.



Barry 1: As the Baltimore Orioles continue with spring training games in Florida, the Opening Day roster has started to take shape. South Korean P Suk-Min Yoon will start the year in Norfolk, and 3B Manny Machado appears headed for the DL to begin the season. The one major unknown for the Orioles is what they will do with prospect Jonathan Schoop, who has had a fantastic spring (.423 BA, .692 SLG, 6 RBIs). What are the chances that Schoop, the Orioles top position prospect, is on the Opening Day roster?


BD: Though I think he may be the best option by the time the Spring Training is complete, I think the Orioles will exercise patience with their best positional prospect at this point.  They do not want to hurt his confidence, as well as affect his service time clock.  They may be more inclined to follow the Manny Machado path with Schoop, bringing him up around the All-Star break.  Now with the injury concerns at third base, anything is possible, though I think they exhaust all other options before possibly using Schoop.


Ervin SantanaBrett 1: After many reports had the Baltimore Orioles as the favorites to win the Ervin Santana sweepstakes, he landed with the Atlanta Braves. Key injuries to the rotation forced them to get serious about adding a pitcher, signing the free agent to a one year $14.1 Million deal.  With thoughts being the Orioles were only willing to give Santana $13 Million deal, did they drop the ball on adding another quality starting arm?


BK: I am slightly disappointed that the Orioles did not go harder for Santana, but the fact that Santana signed with the Braves lessens the blow. Initial reports had the Santana sweepstakes limited to the Blue Jays and the Orioles, but the recent injuries to Atlanta’s rotation made sense for both sides. Had the Orioles lost out to their AL East foes, different story. Santana will have a better chance of extending his career and commanding a long-term deal by playing in the NL East, where a percentage of his starts will come against the Marlins, Mets, and Phillies.


Rolando McClain ArrestBarry 2: On Twitter, former Alabama and Oakland Raider LB Rolando McClain has hinted at a return to the NFL. Last season, the Baltimore Ravens signed McClain, only to have him retire following an arrest that happened just two weeks after becoming a Raven. McClain is only 24, and appears to be in a much better mental state than he ever was as an NFL player. With the Ravens having the rights to Rolando McClain, can he be a contributor to the Ravens defense?


BD: The key to your question was ‘CAN’ he contribute.  He may come back to the NFL with a new found enthusiasm towards the game; a willingness to put the game first in his life.  He is certainly young enough and I feel the same way about him, as I did last year.  It is worth a shot; give him a Training Camp invite and see what he has left.  But I would not bank on him making the roster, though if he does, he would have earned his spot.


Rodger SaffoldBrett 2: St. Louis Rams free agent offensive tackle, Rodger Saffold, initially agreed to a five year $42 Million deal with the Oakland Raiders.  Only to have that mega-deal voided after he reported failed a physical.  Since then he resigned with the Rams for much less money (five years $37 Million).  Did the Raiders void Saffold’s deal just to get out of a bad contract considering the market value for other players that signed this off season?


BK: This story is way more bizarre than anything that the Orioles’ doctors did this offseason. The Raiders were concerned with a shoulder injury that Saffold had, while the Rams found no such injury. For the Raiders, the failed physical leaves the team out of a thin left tackle market, with all of the marquee free agents off of the market. Saffold’s return to the Rams also has a major impact on the NFL Draft. The Raiders will be in the market for either LT Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews, while the Rams can turn their attention to WR Sammy Watkins or DE Jadaveon Clowney.


Richard Sherman DeAngelo HallBarry 3: Amidst all of the NFL free agent signings, two of the more brash players in the NFL were making headlines for a different reason. Seattle CB Richard Sherman and Washington CB DeAngelo Hall got into a war of words on Twitter (you can read the whole conversation HERE), with Hall questioning Sherman’s skills. What do you make of the Twitter beef between these two divas?


BD: I saw these reports and then followed the actual conversation.  I instantly thought I was wasting my time, as these players are just going to talk.  I do think Richard Sherman has the right to call himself the best cornerback in football, because he has proved so on the field.  For DeAngelo Hall to try to argue that fact is simply nonsense, as a player that has been terrible for several years now.  Though it was entertaining for about 30 seconds, it means nothing, as Sherman has a Super Bowl ring and DeAngelo Hall is still stealing money from the Redskins.


Steve Nash LakersBrett 3: Steve Nash has officially been shut down for the season by the Los Angeles Lakers, as he played in only 10 games due to back/neck injuries.  With still almost $10 Million dollars due to him next season, Nash says he will not retire because he wants the money. Do you think this is the right move for the former MVP?

BK: Steve Nash’s time with the Lakers has been extremely disappointing, and it is a shame that his body has failed him over the past few seasons. It makes sense for Nash to stick around for as long as he can. The Lakers are in the process of rebuilding, so there is a good chance that Nash will play elsewhere. Could Nash be the missing piece off of the bench for a contender, similar to Derek Fisher? We shall wait and see.