January 14, 2008 |

OK so I was wondering a few things?

Why is Eric Bedard still an Oriole?

I get the whole ACE thing…but if the rumors are true..we could get the CF we need, and 2 prospects that many feel are in the top 10 of the Seattle system, including a hot shot SS,  depending on who you believe…it has been reported by Ken Rosenthal so that is ok for me. He does not want to sign here folks…so why is this taking so long?

Why is Brian Roberts still an Oriole?

Fan favorite…check…owner favorite..check…..281 lifetime average, 351 on base percentage from a leadoff man, more strikeouts then walks…check…ONE CAREER YEAR…check…HGH..check…cheater..check….getting a pass..check..We can get 3 decent prospects for this guy…this only helps the notion that Angelos is still too involved otherwise this too would be done.

Why are the Orioles so media unfriendly?

I know at WNST it is in vogue to bash the Orioles but they are so scared to let their fans know anything about the goings on with the team it’s really hard to get excited about the team and continue to be a fan.

Why are the Ravens going after an Offensive mind again?

OK the first time they did it…we won a Super Bowl in year 2…but that had little to do with the Offense. I would much rather they bring in a no nonsense Defensive coach who can hire a hotshot offensive coordinator.

Why is this a factor?

Jonathan Ogden says he would not want to play for the Ravens if Marty Schottenheimer is hired as Brian Billick’s replacement.

He acknowledges Schottenheimer would “probably” be the best fit of all the candidates for Baltimore, but pointed out that Marty “had Bruce Smith doing the Oklahoma drill when he was with the Redskins.” Ogden’s decision to retire or return will likely be influenced heavily by who the Ravens hire.

Source: Carroll County Times

Why is any player involved in this decision?…I want to thank JO for his years of service…but please retire…this team needs the best coach not just for next year but for the future…and no player should influence that decision, not JO, not Ray Ray, not anyone…either you want to play football or not…if not… bye bye.

Why are so many people wanting NE to get beat?

I want to see history. I saw the greatest hockey player in my lifetime (GRETSKY), the greatest basketball player (JORDAN), the greatest golfer (WOODS), the greatest tennis player (SAMPRAS) and the greatest baseball player (BONDS..yes BONDS…say what you wish). I now want to see the greatest team of all-time…

I do want to see a classic Farve vs. Brady Super bowl though…

So who can tell me why?!