Billick did not take his job for granted

January 03, 2008 |

Being a female sports fan, I wanted to put my two cents in about the Billick firing.

I was lucky to attend a charity dinner earlier in the fall where Brian Billick was the keynote speaker. He came into this event of about 60 people and shook every attendees hand – EVERY hand. He had a few kind works and exchanged football banter with each table. He never let the “rough game” comments phase him or stifle a conversation.

During his keynote address, he spoke of his commitment to Baltimore and his love of Maryland. He spoke about the home he is building here and said that his roots are permanently planted here.

But the most impressive thing for me was his awareness of how fleeting the job of an NFL coach can be. During that speech, Billick told the audience that he is aware how fortunate he has been to hold the position of head coach of an NFL team and that in his 9-year tenure, there have been approximately 3 head coaching turnovers per team. He knew the exact number and please forgive me for not remembering.

For me, that tells me that, whether we agree with his coaching style and tactics, he woke up every morning and acknowledged his good fortune.

And, although we know he was blindsided, he probably had an expectation that his streak must come to an end.

My hope for the future of all of our professional sports teams is that we have coaches and players who love Baltimore, live and invest in the community, and always talk about how great our little city is.